Shame On You, Ralph Lauren!

Team USA Olympic Uniforms NOT Made In America?

The opening ceremonies at the Olympics in London could have been a wondrous and respectful tribute to our courageous, gifted athletes. They could have proudly marched, showing the world that America still holds a place of respect and ysa outfits

Instead, they marched in blue blazer/white pants outfits with Mr. Lauren’s polo logo prominently featured. His mindless decision to use the Olympics as a way of publicizing his company is beyond contempt. I will never again see anything he designs or sells without being disgusted at his insensitive commercialism.

I hope others begin to see him and his company in a true light and boycott anything he produces.

Just in case you experience my condemnation as harsh, the “best” is yet to come. THE JACKETS WERE MANUFACTURED IN CHINA! While our once respected and skilled workers in the garment district are going without work, Mr. Lauren is OUTSOURCING their jobs. Now, it’s bad enough for him to be doing this with the other products his company sells. But to have our athletes wear foreign-manufactured goods is a gross and grotesque insult.

No. An apology won’t do. Seeing these finest examples of America march in garb that represents the 1% is an indelible affront to the American people.

You made your millions, Ralph. Now, you can be haunted by the horror of your decision to insult every American who still sustains pride in our country. Shame on you!