“Not everything needs to be written, or even said. Tears for example, they speak for themselves”. Paulo Coelho

Profound to say the least! On two occasions today my words were misunderstood and judged rather harshly. Ordinarily such things have minor effects on me but the scorching judgment and criticism came from two persons I love sincerely, and boy did it hurt. After the initial anger over how unfair and unjust the criticism, the only response that could soothe was tears. It is said that a good cry cleanses the soul and indeed it did.

Sometimes we get comfortable to the extent of complacent and it takes something painful to cause us to get back on track. After all, God does say that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. I’m not going to disregard my critics completely because there may be some validity to what they’ve said to me about me. Perhaps they were necessary factors in my growth and transformation process. It’s very easy to justify things about yourself that serve to keep you from moving up or on to the next path on your journey but it is wisdom to examine things with an open heart.

That’s where the tears speak to the hurt and to the hope and to your God from whom you seek strength, wisdom and light for the path ahead.

Tears are a powerful language of healing that ought to be spoken with joy and passion. Having had my good cry, I’m choosing to guard my heart and keep it free of resentment, anger or worry. Putting one foot in front of the next, again I move forward.

.Continuing to love, especially the hard to love people and staying BIG (Believing In God)!