The Spiritual Purpose of Football

On the surface the game of football may seem silly to a lot of people. watching gameWatching grown men get so involved in a mere sport that consumes them seems like a waste of energy. But the game and the subculture that it creates serves a very necessary purpose in society.

People have been at war with their neighbors all through history. The conquering of cities and the resolve to fight to the death are all aspects of a primal experience. It is so ingrained that it is written in the DNA of many. The battles that were fought, won and lost early gamesin past lives play out many times in our Akashic records. It’s no great surprise that a lot of old souls have tired of the interplay of war and wish nothing to do with it. These same souls may find football silly.

But what about the millions that aren’t saturated with past memories of war battles? What happens to all those souls who died in battle yet want to live another day to fight another fight. How do they satiate in peace time their primal urge to conquer? How do they resolve this unsatiated cycle?

They do it in a most civilized way. They live through the conquests on the football field. Without that platform, many more would be hungry to work out their aggression on uncooperative participants. Football is a win/win situation because participation in the game is voluntary.

When I first saw the new Dallas football stadium, it took me back to ancient Rome. The Roman coliseum also was the biggest arena of its kind. Instead of the game of football being played, it saw Christians being torn up at the mercy of stadium

As others were watching a football game, I saw the players as condemned men living and dying at the whim of the Roman Officials and the crowd. I wonder if my reaction of awe was a universal reaction. Did the huge stadium invoke a seemingly irrational fear in others? Maybe some just have a slight aversion to it without knowing why.

I also wonder how many players secretly resent the cheering of the crowds because it triggers past life memories of being at the mercy of the game. If so, I would love to do a session with key players and help them release the deep seated belief that the game is literally life and death. Maybe that is the answer that some players are looking for to succeed.

I would love to be able to do sessions on some of the great Athletes and help them release the debilitating associations with past life traumas that are causing them to sabotage their own successful careers.

People wonder why the key players would have anything but great experiences as they define their role in the sport. They are paid football playersmillions of dollars to do what they love and are good at; right? We need to cut the players some slack as they accrue the experiences they need for enlightenment. What a private hell it would be to be at the top of the world only to have subconscious fears of a horrific death looming in your future. As players their contribution to society is priceless.

I saw an old man walking the streets the other day. He was alone and not in the greatest health. He was a sweet soul. I would have felt compassion for him except for the coat of honor he was wearing. He had on a shiny Buffalo Bills jacket. I saw his pride in belonging to something greater than himself. The Bills obviously gave him purpose. In that moment, I developed an even deeper appreciation of the game.