In the United States of America, a child is abused every 13 seconds.

That statistic alone merits a discussion on why it’s so prevalent, how this can happen and what we, as a society can do about it.

Robin McGinnity Connelly

Robin McGinnity Connelly is the Executive Director of the 15th Judicial Circuit C.A.S.A. (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and she is a tireless crusader in the advocacy for the victims of child abuse.  Robin will share with us how C.A.S.A. volunteers help children, what those volunteers do and who these volunteers are.  In so many cases of domestic violence, children are the voiceless victims in this cycle of abuse.  Across the country, the court system is partnering with C.A.S.A. volunteers to give these children an advocate, a voice and a chance for a better future.  Their work is a vital link to ending the cycle of abuse with the youngest generation and we are honored to have Robin join us to share her experiences and tell us all how we can become involved.  She’s proven time and time again – it takes a village.

Additionally, Robin will talk to us about National Child Abuse Awareness Month and how we can honor the victims by being advocates ourselves.

Theresa Dotson Alexander

In the second half of our show, we will talk with Theresa Dotson Alexander, founder of The Center for Counseling and Training where she and her staff provide all facets of family counseling, including court mandated counseling.  We’ll be asking Theresa specifically about breaking the cycle of violence, the origins and prevalence of child abuse and how families can get more involved in protecting the youngest family members.  She’ll share with us some of the ways she works with families, both the abusers and the victims.

This is a difficult topic, though we’ve never shied away from the tough issues on BROADSIDED.

Every 13 secondsIn the time it took you to read the description of the program, 4 more helpless children became another statistic.

So, buckle up, it’s time to get BROADSIDED!

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