Many sexual problems start  much earlier than age 40, but after that they just seem to escalate at a rapid clip. This phenomenon is often viewed as a “normal” consequence of aging, and accepted as inevitable.

Sophia Loren at 77

It doesn’t have to be!

We’ve been brainwashed by the media to believe that not only does the sex drive diminish with age…but that we will become undesirable, impotent, and even pathetic!

Where does that leave us?

To coin a cliché… up the creek, without a paddle.

As we approach our middle years, usually after menopause,  many of us are faced with the fear that our enjoyment of sex will vanish. You may see before you a life of being dried up, and hung out to dry! As you can imagine, this prospect can be devastating.

I invite you to join me in vowing that no way will this happen to you.

And it won’t. It takes determination combined with action to alter your negative mindset.  No one wants to slow down, gain weight, become less optimistic and devoid of dreams and goals. But unless you are ready to work for life-long youth and beauty, the very thing you feared can  become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hattie-Always Fun, Always Sexy!

To triumph over this challenge  it’s important  to keep searching for answers, and being resolute and unstoppable. When you passionately desire a life of vitality, beauty and sexuality, and are ready to put forth the energy to go after your dreams, miracles will join you along the way.

And I’ll be there in your corner. At 75, I feel privileged to share my journey with you. I can’t say it won’t be a rocky road, but it pays off in excitement, adventure and joy!

Go for it!