The subject of death is truly the last taboo in America. No one wants to talk about it, but as usual, we take on the tough topics. The truth is, none of us wants to watch a loved one suffer, but the guilt we endure as humans in discontinuing life support keeps us from doing the humane thing when all hope is gone. Is that how you want to come to your end? Suffering?

Jeri and Robert Orfali

Join us live online this Thursday, 11am-12pm EST (8-9 am PST) at internet radio with our guest, author and Hawaii native Robert Orfali whose recent book, “Death With Dignity” (available for just 99 cents as an e-book on!), examines the options we have for coming to the end by our choosing. He wrote this book after watching his wife and soul mate Jeri come to her sad end after a ten-year battle with cancer.

We discuss advance medical directives, hospice, euthanasia and a host of other options. We also talk about the movement in this country where states like Oregon, Washington and Montana have passed legislation to permit physician-assisted death.

Dr. Lance Davis

Navigating death in the United States is a difficult and slippery slope – and what you don’t know can cause immense suffering for both the patients and the care givers.

Also joining us is medical ethicist, Dr. Lance Davis, who shares some insights in his book “At The Close of Day – A Person Centered Guidebook to End of Life Care“.

((Live)) online Thursday, September 15, 2011

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