I wonder if you’ve seen the TV commercial with Whoopi Goldberg talking about water coming out when she jumps or sneezes. This is a commercial for pads that collect the “water” that comes out of an alleged one-in-three women.

This denial of the fact that it’s plain old pee is ridiculous. In fact, the entire cover-up/clean-up of natural biological functions is insulting. How many times have toilet paper commercials shown bears in the woods to tout their products?

I say the advertising interests are keeping us in the woods about true health and how to deal with our orifices. What’s the big secret? It’s not like we don’t all go to the bathroom every day.

Yes, there’s no denying that bodily functions do change with aging. But how’s about informing women as to how to correct these problems rather than misrepresenting them?

No, WhooPEE. It ain’t water; it’s PEE! Leaking urine… a condition that is correctable with KEGEL EXERCISES. That’s what we really need to know. Pads cover up stuff. How’s about facing them straight on….THEN DO SOMETHING HOLISTIC ABOUT THEM.