Top 5 Most Expensive Mattress Brands

When a product has a high price point, the hope and belief is that the higher price is justified by great quality. There should be some added value or workmanship that enhances an item with a high price tag.

Sometimes expensive items are simply overpriced, but usually there is an added value (as with Ferraris and their handmade interiors). Luxury mattresses may come with a big price tag, but the high quality touches are usually worth the investment.

Here are the 5 most expensive mattress brands in the world:

#1 Hastens –

None of the other brands on this list come close to matching Hastens in terms of price – their most expensive bed costs €50,000 – or nearly $67,000. Wow! No, it’s not a bed made with golden thread and a frame of platinum – it’s just a hand-constructed bed that claims to be built for ultimate comfort.

The wooden frames of the bed are supremely sturdy. They’ve got a “unique” spring system, which, combined with the horsehair stuffing makes it a long-lasting bed. Horsehair is supremely durable, and it’s mixed with wool for a hypoallergenic stuffing. The cover is made of cotton and flax – it feels as soft as a terry-cloth robe on your body. Free of toxins, hand-made in Sweden, and complete with a 25-year warranty, this is the Ferrari of beds!

Price: Up to $67,000

Advantages: hand-built, supremely comfortable, hypoallergenic, durable, made in Sweden, just an all-around amazing bed!



#2 E.S. Kluft –

E.S. Kluft holds 4 U.S. Patents for unique, specialized mattress designs…innovative beds indeed! These luxury beds are hand-stitched after being filled with cotton, Joma wool, and latex. Great for hot sleepers – the unique design lets hot air flow away from the body. Not as durable as some of the others on this list, but otherwise an excellent choice. On the down side, the beds don’t have the best reviews, and many have complained that the beds start to sag in the middle.

E.S. Kluft also owns Aireloom – a lower-budget choice for the price conscious. The Aireloom beds go as low as $1,500, but the E.S. Kluft beds can cost well over $30,000…like hiding money under your mattress, only your mattress is your money.
Price: Over $30,000

Advantages: comfortable, unique design, hand-tailored, luxurious



#3 Hypnos –

Rumor has it that the beds on the Titanic were all Hypnos beds…probably not what sank the ship though. This British bed is posh enough to make you feel like a king or queen! It’s actually the sole mattress provider for the British Royal Family – so you can bet they’ll be pricey.

With up to a $15,000 price tag, these beds had better be made of solid gold – or at least the equivalent in bedding materials. They are handmade and hand-stitched in England, stuffed with wool, hair, silk, and cashmere, and supremely comfortable. The Orthos Collection provides good back support, but there’s nothing like the Heritage Collection for sheer bedtime decadence. Choices include pillow-top, latex, and innerspring beds – all worth a small fortune.

Price: Up to $15,000

Advantages: comfortable, handmade, durable, breathable, luxurious



#4 Duxiana –

Only high-end online retailers sell Duxiana mattresses – the other Swedish-made luxury mattress. Visit their website, and be dazzled by the fancy terms they use to describe the research and studies that went into the making of these beds. But are they really all that amazing? For as much as $12,750 they better be!

Long-lasting, prestigious, snobby, beautiful – words that all describe Duxiana beds. Innerspring beds that just feel wonderful when you lie back on them. They’re great for relieving pain in your back, and two of the models allow you to adjust the degree of firmness (DUX 212 and 818). They do not offer the best return policy, but do boast a decent 20-year warranty. Sleep Like the Dead gives it a 72% rating – not bad overall, but not the best bed around…

Price: Up to $12,750

Advantages: comfortable, durable, prestigious, adjustable, pain-relieving



#5 RoyalPedic –

While it’s not the most expensive bed on this list, the $9,000 price tag on the pricier models is no laughing matter. You can find some go as low as $3,000 – but that’s as low as it gets. When you lie back on the plush pillow-top mattress, though, you’ll forget about how much pain buying this plush bed is going to cause your wallet. It feels like you’re on a cloud!

The bed is 15.5 inches tall – 10 inches of box spring and 5.5 inches of cotton candy luxury. The center of the bed (where all your body weight rests) has double the number of coils found around the edges of the bed. This prevents sagging…an annoying problem associated with most innerspring beds. You’ve got French wool stuffing, a Belgian cotton shell, and a host of other fancy materials making up this bed. It’s a very luxurious bed, with a price tag to match.

Price: Up to $9,296

Advantages: comfortable, sturdy, durable, 10-year warranty



Want the comfort and durability without the high price? Check out Essentia – Canada’s #1 natural bed. It’s nowhere near as pricey as these beds, but definitely worthy of the name “luxury mattress”!What sets Essentia apart is the natural latex and memory foam used to make their luxury beds. All-natural memory foam (no bio or soy-foam nonsense) keeps sleepers cool, while 100% latex foam provides the solid base of support – excellent for those with back pain. The mattresses are supremely comfortable (think Hastens at a fraction of the price!), and yet it’s a 100% clean bed. No toxins or chemicals here!

Essentia’s website features a few great models, but it’s the Unity mattress that deserves to be on this list of luxury beds. The price tag doesn’t outdo the costly beds on this list, but the quality is peerless. At $6,541 for a King-sized bed, Essentia offers elegance and luxury packed into a 100% natural mattress. It is the perfect combination of ultimate softness and spine-supportive firmness. Elegance, comfort, and chemical-free – the Essentia Unity!