Tony Parinello

Selling can be scary. You may be convinced you don’t have what it takes to sell, but you’re wrong!  Whether it’s your services, ideas or product, you CAN do it.  No matter what or to whom you’re pitching, learn how to get the job done with unshakable confidence.  Wednesday on YAK, guest Tony Parinello, a marketing and sales Guru, joins co-hosts Kay Van Hoesen and Gail Maria Forrest.  He promises to reveal the secret of how to reach and close the very top people in any industry. He is the force behind VITO (Very Important Top Officer) Selling.  Over 2.5 million high-performing salespeople from Fortune 1000 companies have used his training with huge success and increased their sales by millions.  He guarantees success.

Tony’s clients include Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Fed Ex, Merck, New York Life, Microchip, HP, GE, and many more well-known blue-chip companies. This is a special opportunity to learn how you too can sell anything to anybody.

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Colin Lively

Come YAK live online for an entertaining and informative hour with co-hosts Kay Van Hoesen, Gail Maria Forrest and NYC society storyteller Colin Lively. Join us Wednesday, September 14, 11am EST (8 am PST) at Chat-in your questions or call-in 877-500-9387.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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