I’ve been attending these calls every week with Empowerment Specialist MK Mueller where she coaches us in pretending as if our dreams have already happened. I’ve read all the books about success and the secret, the law of attraction etc but this call every week is manifesting in action. You get to listen to a group of people that set intentions last week and this week they tell their stories. MK coaches them on what to do to make powerful change happen faster. Everybody should be on this call! So much fun and it works!!! Get her books 8 to Great, The Powerful Process for Positive Change. It won self help book of the year in 2010 in 2 competitions.  Also her new book that goes along with these calls is Becoming a Magnificent Manifaster. You can order it on line at www.8togreat.com. The calls are at 7 pm central time from Overland Park Kansas. Call 1-605-477-2100  Access code 624536# YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!