What Happens When the Truth Isn’t the Truth?

On a cold winter’s day, holding a hot chocolate, I was leaving the library when I came across two elderly people in the parking lot.  I began to observe their responses toward one another.  Clearly they must have been in their eighties.  I observed the warmth and the love they had for one another, yet I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to learn more about human relationships.

Since I work with clients through Clinical Hypnosis, I wanted to broaden my quest for understanding what I was watching.  I proceeded to walk toward the car and introduced myself.  I asked both the husband and wife if they would share with me their relationship, because it appeared to be pure and unconditional love.

The gentleman told me they had been married for over 62 years and shared with me the “key” toward their marriage.  He proceeded to speak about unconditional love.  He said, “not to ever put the other person down because it will hurt them and in return it will hurt him.”  He proceeded to tell me that if you love someone you do not want to hurt them.  He began to share the other major components. Others were, “trust, communication, and respect.”  His wife shared with me the domino effect.  She told me that if one domino falls down, all of the pieces will come tumbling down one after the other.

If one person tells a lie, then that component has made the relationship weak and it will always be in the back of the person’s mind, can I trust again.  It was an enlightening moment in time when I begin to think of relationships and red flags.  Advice for them would be to write down red flags.  The “red flags” actually was suggested from a very close family member who gives advice about relationships.  A very talented relative who writes for a column.  I actually call her, “Dear Bonnie”.

Recently, I heard from a veterinarian friend who heard from her friend who is an attorney and stated, “Obviously you appear to enjoy a flexible relationship with the truth.”  It was more creative than saying, “I remind you sir, you are under oath!”

When someone tells you a lie and the truth comes out, how do you deal with it?  In one of my previous articles, I had written about “To forgive but not to forget.”  Why? I chose to write this because I felt that to be able to forgive and send off in love, is a way to move on with your life, however, not to forget so you will learn that this was a lesson and not to allow someone to repeat it.

Is telling the truth important?  Can you trust the person again?  I am not certain.  I think it would be rather difficult, but then again?  Please share your thoughts…..