What does it take to take a stand?  Can you imagine standing in front of a soldier who is shooting at demonstrators and trying to block him from firing? Can you imagine being a woman in Afghanistan and taking a job, knowing the Taliban might kill you for it? Can you imagine going to war zones, reporting on peace efforts? Live Wednesday on YAK, 11am-12pm EST, we’ll talk with brave women around the globe who are taking a stand and making a difference.

Huwaida Arraf

Susan Macaulay

Joining us are Susan Macaulay, founder of Amazing Women Rock, talking with Huwaida Arraf, an American-born Palestinian Christian human rights activist and co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). A Korean news crew filmed Hawaida’s efforts to block the soldier’s shooting at students; two-million YouTube views later (see video below), Huwaida and Susan talk about taking a stand.

Gail McCabe

Next Gail McCabe of Soldiers Radio and Television who travels the world’s war zones “Telling the Army Story One Soldier at a Time.” Gail will bring us stories of women in Afghanistan, now working in factories, and the risks those women face going to work each day.

Kim Weichel

Also joining us will be Kim Weichel of Peace x Peace, established in 2002, honoring women peace builders around the world. Currently with a network in 120 countries, Peace x Peace shares moving and uplifting stories of women on the frontlines, news that’s unfiltered by mainstream media.

Colin Lively

And we’ll round out the hour with our own Colin Lively, sharing his lighthearted brand of CLZ, telling what he does to take a stand.

Please join us for a jam-packed hour of empowerment. Listen live online. Chat-in your questions and comments. Call-in 877-500-ZEUS (9387).

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