monicaWould a Rose by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?

My guest this week will certainly have the answer to that and much much more…

Imagine this:

You arrive at work as usual, as you have been doing for the last “however long” and you have human resources waiting for you… you are told that even though you have been a valued employee and there is nothing wrong with your performance, “we find a need to downsize. As painful as the decision has been for us, today is your last day; no need to go to your office, here are your things as a convenience to you, we have neatly packed them for you. And, to help you while you gain employment somewhere else, we will give you a severance for 2 months.”

The world has changed… How about your technical skills? Is your style of dress in-step with the “office casual” of today? Is your hairstyle current? What about the color of your hair? Are you fashion forward? …Or are you fashion past?

If you are unsure, your next potential employer will know that answer, but isn’t going to tell you. You know, for “legal” reasons, the usual drill…

You know when you have been draped by a fashion consultant, if your color schemes are labeled as spring, or summer, or any of the four seasons (although with global warming, this is becoming less of an issue…) But we are not talking about what is in-vogue, and in your closets, we are talking about your image, which goes way beyond those fashionista basics.

How do you communicate? …do you text? …email? …facebook?…Or do you still like that invasive personal contact, par exemple: a telephone call.

There is so much more to one’s image nowadays than one could ever imagine. Have you Googled yourself lately? Because your potential employer has, and they now know that you have a rash and that in the past you’ve wondered if all men cheat. Bad news for business!

monicaWhat’s in a name? If you had just been accused of armed robbery, would you want a criminal attorney named Tiffany? How about a happy ending masseuse named Mildred? What if you were told that even your name, you know the one your loving mother dawned upon you, seemed incongruous with your professional position in today’s rapidly changing world.

It’s time to face the facts and maybe who you are and who you have been for a very long time needs a total overhauling….

What to do, what to do? Enter, Monica Diaz…

You may have already seen and heard of Monica, after all she is one of the most respected and well-known personal image consultants in the world. You might have caught her on ___ or _____. I especially liked her interview with ____ _____ on _____ show. (No free plugs on my show!)

Monica’s expertise goes way beyond mere image; she is now referred to as Image Curator. Monica herself is always in a personal constantly moving, constantly changing process.

I am truly honored to have Monica Diaz on my show this week on HereWomenTalk.

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