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The Fight of the Century

The Fight of the Century You’re probably wondering why a topic like this is appearing here. The “fight of the century” is a tagline that is usually connected to boxing, martial arts, or even politics. It would be fitting time-wise for an article about the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight. This fight has nothing to do with any of that. This fight has to do with a fight for life by two very determined souls. One of those souls is Kay Van Hoesen, the founder of this network / site, and the other is Mandy, Kay’s dog. A...

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Bringing Home a Pet – The Benefits for Children

Bringing Home a Pet: The Benefits for Children So your kid has been pestering you to bring home a pet and you’re not sure what to do. Perhaps your kid has promised to shoulder all the responsibilities related to the new pet but you’re worried that your kid may grow out of love with the pet. Even if you are ready to take on all the pet-related chores single-handedly, you wouldn’t want your child to neglect the pet. It is important for your child to realize that the pet you brought home is a living being and cannot be...

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Find a Missing Pet – Can an Animal Communicator Help?

Find a Missing Pet – Can an Animal Communicator Help? Miracles do happen. My friend Keddy Outlaw’s cat named Abigail went missing from her home in Houston, TX seven weeks ago. Many of us have shared Keddy’s worry. If you’ve ever had a pet disappear who’s a member of the family (I have), you know the anxiety and sickness you feel not knowing what’s happened to your baby. Abigail was micro-chipped and wore a collar with ID tag, and Keddy did everything she could to track down Abbie with posters, calls to neighbors, ads on line, walks around the...

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Film And TV Star, Animal Activist/Advocate, Elaine Hendrix

Animal Activist/Advocate, Elaine Hendrix Several years ago when my granddaughter, Fallon, was about four years old, she was addicted to the movie Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion.  She watched that movie faithfully every day and could recite almost every line from it.  While watching it with her and her mother I was taken by a young actress who was an obvious standout in the role of “Lisa Luder”.  She was the only member of the high school clique who had grown past their “in crowd” high school years, made a good career for herself and had the courage...

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Reina’s House

Reina’s House My dear friend Richard, shortly after moving to Greensboro, North Carolina, lost his longtime companion, his angel in fur, Sammie. Sammie was found 14 years prior, tied to a fence in Harlem in the sweltering heat. Richard, at the time, was a real estate agent and was showing an apartment to prospective buyers. He noticed the dog, panting and looking fearful, but presumed an owner had probably left the dog to enter a store or such. But 24 hours later, Richard arrived back in Harlem to show the same apartment to another prospective buyer, and found the...

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Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Saga

Sheepshead Bay Blvd. Saga Life-Saving Furry Friends LIVE! The Colin Lively Show Fri., July 6th 2pm EDT Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Continues…And, Be Kind To Our Furry Friends! When last we visited SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD, Nora Redmond was hiding. Her devoted , loyal, and extremely handsome and virile manservant, Max, (played by yours truly, Colin Lively), is keeping watch on the bushy headed stranger who is pacing back and forth in front of her once grande, but neglected, mansion. Nora is in hiding and sending Max hand written messages through the dumbwaiter. OH NO!! The bushy headed stranger is now...

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