Find a Missing Pet – Can an Animal Communicator Help?

Miracles do happen. My friend Keddy Outlaw’s cat named Abigail went missing from her home in Houston, TX seven weeks ago. Many of us have shared Keddy’s worry. If you’ve ever had a pet disappear who’s a member of the family (I have), you know the anxiety and sickness you feel not knowing what’s happened to your baby.

Abigail was micro-chipped and wore a collar with ID tag, and Keddy did everything she could to track down Abbie with posters, calls to neighbors, ads on line, walks around the neighborhood at dawn and dusk. But no Abbie.

jen ward

Jen Ward

About a week after Abbie’s disappearance, I called my friend Jen Ward in New York State to see if Jen could help.  Jen does long-distance energy work as well as communicates with animals. She’s helped many others find lost pets (that’s how Jen became friends with actress Mariel Hemingway when Jen helped Mariel find her lost her dog).

I became friends with Jen after she did some energy healing work with me. Even though I know some people truly are gifted intuitives, I was skeptical about Jen till she blew my socks off with what she did. I’ll save that story for a different post, but in a nutshell, she told me things that were about to happen, and they did happen precisely and exactly as she said they would. Another time through her energy healing, she helped me release some bad energy that was keeping me in a funk. When I got off the phone with her, my morose feelings were 100% gone, and they never came back.

Back to Keddy’s cat Abigail.

KeddySo a week had passed and I called Jen. She first chastised me, saying, “Why did you wait so long to call?!”

Then she said okay, she could help. So she went into her healing-release mode. She makes shamanic noises, then stops and blurts out a question, then back to the noises, then more questions. The problem was, she kept picking up on my energy, not Keddy’s or Keddy’s cat. Jen saw a white fence (mine). She saw water (my backyard). She’s never been here, but she was picking up on my surroundings.

So she finally said, “Have Keddy call me.”

Keddy and AbbieKeddy did, probably skeptical too, like I was, but she called. And here’s how it went down.

Jen told Keddy that Abbie was alive and told Keddy not to worry, that eventually, Abbie would be found. Jen said when animals are gone for a few days or longer, they forget where they live, and they go into primal mode. Worse, because we people worry about our lost pets, we give off fear energy which keeps them away from us.

Jen saw Keddy’s surroundings. Jen asked about ask about an apt. building behind Keddy with brick. Jen sensed Abbie was nearby and near brick. Jen communicated energy to Abigail to keep her safe. And Jen left Keddy with instructions to create mind pictures of Keddy stroking Abbie and loving on Abbie.

Fast forward six weeks. Yesterday Abbie was found two blocks from Keddy’s house. Some kind-hearted neighbors who feed stray cats alerted Keddy that a cat who looked like Abbie was feeding at their house. Keddy went there. And yes it was Abbie, sitting on top of a brick wall.