Sheepshead Bay Blvd. Saga Life-Saving Furry Friends LIVE! The Colin Lively Show Fri., July 6th 2pm EDT

Sheepshead Bay Boulevard Continues…And, Be Kind To Our Furry Friends!

sheepshead bayWhen last we visited SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD, Nora Redmond was hiding. Her devoted , loyal, and extremely handsome and virile manservant, Max, (played by yours truly, Colin Lively), is keeping watch on the bushy headed stranger who is pacing back and forth in front of her once grande, but neglected, mansion. Nora is in hiding and sending Max hand written messages through the dumbwaiter. OH NO!! The bushy headed stranger is now at the door … Is Nora correct in her thinking that this might be a sense of danger, or is it simply her paranoia??  She is still under psychiatric care by Dr. Hiney for Betty Ruay stealing her idea to sell nylon stockings in Easter egg shaped containers… the despicable Abe Scheister convinced Nora that it was a lame brain notion. Is the bushy headed stranger part of that tight knit little den of thieves?? After making her the laughing stock of the garment district, are they back to steal her latest idea?? Only the bushy headed stranger knows…

dog and ladydogANIMALS, and the importance of being kind to our little furry friends.  Placing a puppy or a kitten into the arms of severely depressed, terminally ill, people in nursing homes, people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s can benefit greatly from having someone with them to love and to love them back. But we aren’t always as kind to our furry little angels. Too many spend their lives in kill shelters, and far too many are in puppy and kitten mills, where when they are too old to bear little ones, they too end up in kill shelters. Let’s take better care of our angels. Not abuse them. Give them back the love they give to us. I will have my show devoted to dogs and cats. Yes, Colin Lively will be reigning cats and dogs…lady and cat

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