This world can be crazy and busy and overwhelming and down right, well, negative.

You can combat all the hustle and bustle with some simple easy ways to lift up your spirits and then spread the positive energy to others.

1) Don’t forget to Smile — I know, too simple huh? Just think about it. When you smile, can you really be mad? No. It is as if something happens in our brain that shifts when we smile. When you are in a “funk”, take a moment and think about something that makes you smile. See how your mood lifts. And be sure to share your smile with others.

2) Think about Blessings — With the craziness of life, it can be super easy to forget just how blessed you are and how many things you have to be grateful for in your life. Take the to write your blessings down and you will be surprised a the length of the blessing list. Then encourage others to do the same.

3) Give to others — The beauty of this idea is that it does not mean you have to give money. More importantly than money is to give of your time to listen. And be there for others. By being there and showing up for them when they need you the most. Sometimes, all someone needs to move past a negative mood is to have someone to talk with and hash out all the stuff in their head.

In our world, we can get bombarded with tons of stressful situations and experiences. However, you can be the one who can offer a positive vibe to those around you and watch how the positive energy grows.