6 Tips on Dressing Your Kids in Style

One of the best parts of bring up children is dressing them up in cute outfits. As soon as women discover that they’re going to have a sweet little bundle of joy in their arms, they begin daydreaming about adorning them in adorable outfits in varied colors.

If men and women’s apparel industry is booming, then kids aren’t far behind either. The market for kid’s attire and accessories is burgeoning as well.

All parent’s want their kid(s) to look smart. Many a time, parents focus only on dressing them up in clothes that are clean (also an absolute necessity), and forget that they can help their children look fashionable too.

Needless to say, wearing neat and clean clothes is the first step towards looking good. Apart from that, there are several other things you can do make your child look dapper.

Here’s more on that.

1. Try before You Buy

Whether you allow your kids to pick out their clothes on their own or do it for them, it may be a good idea to take them along with you. That way you can be absolutely sure of your purchase before you buy it.

Put the trial rooms to good use by making your kids try the clothes on one by one to see if they suit them or not instead of just picking them up randomly. Once they have the outfit on, check for the fit and the comfort. Further, also see to it that the color of the garment complements their skin tone.

Many a time, certain colors look good to the eye but can disappoint when worn. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the garb enhances your child’s appearance, rather than end up wasting money on something that does the opposite.

2. Invest In Quality Products

dressing kids

Kids’ clothes and accessories can be quite expensive, and children can outgrow them quickly. Hence, it makes sense to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Invest in a few but high-quality items which look good as well as last long. Plus, you can rest assured that you will always have something to dress your child in, whether it is for a family dinner party or a school day.

By purchasing cheap clothes, you will not only have to keep making multiple trips to the store to buy more, but you will also put your kid at the risk of embarrassing himself, should something go wrong with them.

Further, cheap products may also have an adverse effect on your child’s sensitive skin and result in rashes and allergies.

3. Dress Them for Comfort

Looking good comes from feeling good which, in turn, comes from dressing comfortably. Teach your kids the importance of picking clothes that fit them comfortably, rather than those which are tight and unflattering.

Like adults, kids come in different shapes and sizes as well. Hence, you need to dress them as per their body type. Doing so should ensure that they always feel at ease in what they’re wearing, and also turn out looking cute every time.

4. Clothes Should Reflect Their Personality

Your child’s attire should be chosen in keeping with his personality. This should help him be more individualistic and expressive.

If your kid is an extrovert, there’s a chance he’s going to love wearing clothes in bright colors. Maybe getting him one of those hoodies with designs on them would work wonders on him.

If your child is more of the shy or reserved kind, you might want to avoid dressing him in strong colors or bold prints. Clothes in subtle shades with minimalistic patterns should work well with him.

However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this. Give your kids the opportunity to try different kinds of clothes and let them figure out their own style and preferences.

5. Set Boundaries

kid clothes

While it is okay to give your kid a free rein on what to wear, as long as they don something that’s age and weather-appropriate, you also need to set certain clear boundaries. Let them know that your word will be final and binding on what they should be wearing outside the house.

On a few occasions, it may happen that you might not completely approve of their choice of clothes, but you also need to understand that they could be extremely proud of that attire.

To save such situations, when you have something in mind for your kids to wear for an occasion, try presenting a few acceptable options. Allow them to have the last word on picking from those (at least you will be happy with whichever they pick).

6. Observe Fashion Trends

It may be a good idea to observe what the other kids in your vicinity are wearing to get an idea of the current styles in kid’s fashion. If your child does not have a specific sense of style yet, you can help by buying him clothes which are in fashion to enable him to feel more comfortable in in bright colors. Maybe getting him one.


In the big book of parental duties, fashion for children may seem like a shallow and a trivial topic. However, inculcating a sense of good dressing in your kids may turn out to be a good idea in the long term. As children grow, it is important for them to realize the importance of dressing well and expressing themselves appropriately through fashion, thereby projecting themselves as confident individuals.  After all, your kids will not be kids forever, and it might be a good idea to encourage them to dress right from an early age.