Well we did it. 5 days as vegans and we are still standing. So would you try it?  For 5 days? Read on and see why you can do it.

Day Five:


I am not going vegan. Not yet. I am going to do my best to get back to my vegetarian roots. I am going to make changes a little at a time. My new BFF, Kathy Freston, says to “lean into it.” I can do that. That is what happens after a few glasses of wine anyway.

I want to coexist with animals and most people and not cause them pain.  Except for that girl who will remain nameless. Okay, her name is Joanie and she took my boyfriend away when I was 21. I wanted to beat her with a steak bone. The new me would stop her in her tracks with a turnip to the side of her head. A really BIG turnip.

Meat is off the menu for me. And as I get comfortable with these changes, I am sure I will let go of other products that come about at the expense of our four legged friends.

I tried to watch a video about the horrific cruelty that is put upon cows, chickens and pigs and was sobbing within 30 seconds. I had the husband watch it (to try to shock him) and a few times he said, “now that is just not right.” And this was from a man who thinks road kill with a cold beer is a gourmet feast. I am sort of kidding about that last line. Sort of.

I am going to look into cruelty free cosmetics. I did wear make up this week because to have gone without it would have been cruel and unusual punishment to all who came in contact with me.

And I am going to stay a natural blonde because there is cruelty free hair color products. I draw the line at starting to look like my mother.

This journey into the world of veganism bought me closer to my vegetarian roots.

BTW – I lost three pounds. So Charlene and I should come clean- we heard you can lose weight by going vegan. That better mean this vegan wannabe. I would assume that there is nothing nastier than a chubby vegan with gas.


Day 5


I am not going vegan. Or even vegetarian. I mean look how happy I look when I’m eating a Big Boy double cheese burger (which would still be my last meal choice BTW)! But then again, I didn’t read that scary book that Elizabeth read – like I said, ignorance is bliss.

Me with my Big Boy hamburger and Marley giving it the thumbs down!

But I will admit that I thought it would be difficult to eat vegan and it really wasn’t. Well, except for the carnitas – I really, reallywanted those carnitas. But I’m over it. Mostly. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to find different and delicious things to eat. Oh and I lost another pound – 3 total. (Thank God Elizabeth did too – otherwise she might head out west to beat me up!)

But I do think I will recommit to doing Meatless Mondays with my family – something I used to do and got kind of lazy about. I also think that I’ll try harder to eat less meat. I’ve always thought that a vegetarian diet was a healthier diet; I just didn’t think I had the right appetite for it. But who knows, maybe I do, at least part of the time.

Today I was super late for work so I grabbed a Luna Bar on the way out the door. It was a lemon Luna Bar and there is probably some whey or bee-pollinating involved (you know with the “lemon”) but what can I say – I was late. For lunch I had a sandwich made with wheat bread, hummus, shredded carrots and sliced red and yellow peppers. Then I had a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Trader Joe’s. Okay – yum! With cookies like this maybe I can be swayed to the vegan side. For dinner I stir fried tofu in a bit (or maybe it was a lot) of olive oil and threw in some crimini mushrooms, frozen balsamic caramelized onions (again from my boy T Joe’s), spinach and arugula. Fabulous! My 15-year-old niece was over for dinner and she tried a bit of my stir fry (I would just like to mention that my family has been eating “normal” food) and though it was delicious. She told me she wished she’d had more. She already doesn’t eat red meat or pork (not even bacon). Maybe I should send her to hang out with Elizabeth – she could be a convert!

With food like this maybe going vegan wouldn’t be so bad!