A Review:  Sheepshead Bay Boulevard

“Judy Stadt is nothing short of genius in her creation of SHEEPSHEAD BAY BOULEVARD. This is the must listen show of 2012. There hasn’t been a radio show this exciting since The Whistler and The Shadow Knows. I cancel car pooling so that I won’t miss a single episode”

— Marguerite Jablonski of the Flint Morning Fib

And this email came in just today:

“Colin, I am simply speechless . Your Max is like nothing I have ever heard in my life . There is an arresting quality to the whole show, Sheepshead Bay Boulevard . It is just like the radio shows of my youth and even has the static, just like the old days. Susie Sexton is in a league of her own with a voice one can never forget .”

— signed Anonymous.

I want to applaud Susie Sexton for her role as Nora Redmond, collector of dead ferrets.  Her performance is unreal. She plays the eccentric and somewhat cracked character as if it were written especially for her.

Judy Stadt, creator who plays all the extra character parts is the finest character actor since Dame Mae Whitty or Guy Kibbee.  She is a talent beyond all others and even Meryl Streep can not come up with as many personae and world accents.


This week the true identity of The Bushy Headed Stranger will be revealed. Does Nora have reason to be alarmed ? Or is it simply her paranoia? A sequestered woman in a house all alone with her effete manservant for the last 10 years, Max, whose cellphone sends Grindr notifications day and night, has yet to share a conjugal bed with her.

Suddenly her eyes twinkle, like a starving person at the first side of a groaning board. We will discover why the Bushy Headed Stranger who looks just like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp, with the musculature of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has mysteriously appeared, seemingly out no nowhere, at the once beautiful mansion of Nora Redmond.

Will Nora Redmond take him in like all the stray ferrets? She hasn’t felt affection since her favorite, Papi Chulo passed on . He is now stuffed and preserved and Nora keeps him next to her right there on her night stand .

Perhaps The Bushy Headed Stranger can fill the emptiness once inhabited by Papi Chulo.

The 5th installment the week on The Colin Lively Show for HereWomenTalk on the Zeus Media Network . You won’t want to miss it.


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