It is time for this nation to go forward to what made us great. The building from with-in. A vision the world once had, of a proud, self reliant and united national society. A nation that looked out for working class, culture building individuals. That embraced immigrants as a necessary part of it’s growth and diversity. A nation based on a corporations desire to care for their workers and the bottom line be damned. Where profit was accepted as what was left over, not what could be realized by downsizing, leveraging salary reductions, denying benefits and outsourcing.

A society where the working individual could expect their weekends to be spent with their family and friends, instead of time spent at their job or second job out of fear of not paying the bills. Where a worker could stand along side their employer with equal respect and dignity. When American companies and corporations offered up respect for the hard work and dedication of the workers. When summer picnics and Christmas parties where the norm. Where all were welcomed and the management became the workers for the occasion. With yearly bonus checks for all, to express the owners gratitude for a job well done. Not just for management as an expression of thanks for keeping the “little man” in the gutter while the CEO played golf at the country club.
It is time to go forward, to a time of true posterity and nation building. Forward, to a time where America once again has the lowest poverty and highest education values in the entire world. Forward, to a time where all pay there fair share in taxes and corporate subsidizes are unheard of. Where all corporations pay for the privilege of a free enterprise system. Forward, to a time where health care is considered a staple of life in America, not a privilege for those that can afford high premiums with little coverage. Where payment for the care and treatment of the sick and dying doesn’t require selling the souls of your loved ones and the destruction of all that has been earned.

All the working class people of this great nation need to rise up, in one voice, and demand the return of the dignity that our parents, and grandparents, where so proud to embrace. A time when bragging about what you did was the norm and what you earned was a private thing. When greed was considered as the definition for Scrooge. When being entitled meant something your parents made you feel for getting good grades and having good manners. Forward to a time where a golden parachute is something an Army Ranger skydiver uses to entertain an eager crowd, not a safety net for the rich corporate vultures. Forward to a time where, if we have issue with our neighbor, we pull out a beer and talk instead of a gun to make our point.

It is time to go forward where we tax imports at a higher rate then we tax our own manufactured goods. A time where taxes are paid for roads, bridges, new water and sewage systems. Where our roads are the awe of the world once again, instead of a decayed hazard to the safety and welfare of our family and commerce. It is time to task our military with protecting our borders, instead of invading others. It is time for our community, state and national needs to be a referendum on the ballot, not a backroom political payoff or a broken promise by those we elect to speak for us.

With the exception of the American Civil War, there has never in the history of this great and wonderful nation, been so much divide and intolerance for and by its own citizens. At no time in our history has the minority extremes been allowed to dictate to the major what is acceptable and just. At no time in our history have the core beliefs of our forefathers been so undermined and maligned that the average citizen has been left in disbelief of its message for freedom, equality, liberty and justice for all. It is time to join together once again and take our nation back. Back from the greedy and immoral capitalist elitists that have stolen the dignity and integrity of this once proud and self sustaining nation.

It is time for America to take the time, to make the time, to enjoy the time, of being together and enjoy life once again in the United States of America.