I know as many of you, that the Lightworkers, or those who are dedicated to elevation of awareness in themselves and others, are here and awakening. As the Hopi Elders have said: “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.” We have everything we need to change our lives, ourselves, our world. Many people are awakening, realizing that there is more to life than this lovely Earth school. Many are recognizing patterns, an addiction to the past and have an increasing desire for greater peace and joy in their lives and in the world.

Hearing the small whispers of our inner voice… all of us, slowly and sometimes quickly…are being guided to step into our magnificent power of choice. The power to CHOOSE love over hate, the power to CHOOSE self-acceptance over self-criticism and the power to allow our mind, body and spirit to pursue our deep soul-calling dreams AND our greatest healing. Each of us has the power to create the change we wish to see in our lives and inevitably our world. For as each of us releases the past and accepts our ability to choose, we change our families, our partnerships, our schools, our education and dare I say…our governments and businesses as well.

Historically many seeking change have sacrificed their lives, martyred themselves for the greater good. It is my belief that this gateway to spiritual consciousness for the world begins with US. As givers, lovers of life, teachers, nurses, CEOs, writers, police officers and consciously evolving human beings we may often ignore our own needs. In this new spiritual era let us release the archetype of the martyr. As we step into this 2012 gateway now, we need to commit to our healing, our self-acceptance and own our power to choose and create. We are truly willing participants in this journey called LIFE.

Allow this 2012 gateway to help you WALK your TALK. As you give others compassion, give yourself as such. As we accept and love ourselves, we will have an easier time of accepting and loving others. But how does this love and acceptance begin? With simple actions:

1. Take quiet time and allow yourself to BE. Do not fill your mind with what must be done. Know that when you give yourself some time in the void… creativity is soon to follow!

2. Meditate deeply on what you wish to leave behind when you pass. What is the spiritual imprint you will leave behind? What values and vision do you want to live and breathe in your community?

3. If you are already on your path, rejoice and re-commit to your true calling today! If you’ve been hiding, afraid to name, speak or voice your particular way to bless the world…STEP UP! Start that novel, direct that play, create that new business or dare to travel. Make your dreams come true NOW.

4. Promise yourself to commit to something that is important to you and close your eyes and visualize every detail, nuance and possibility. Believe and you will perceive this reality as opportunities that you achieve.

5. Write down, draw or otherwise visualize what you are bringing in during this powerful 2012 gateway. Examples: Divine Order, Peace, Joyful Transformation, Abundance, Sacred Service, Harmonious partnership, Right Action, Soul-centered Business, Divine Awareness.

6. Affirm that this is so and know that it is. Let your deep intuitive voice carry you through earthly doubts and woes. Commit to your highest, most beautiful truth about yourself, your loved ones, your dreams & aspirations and world you wish to see and experience NOW.

Keep shining! 2012 is going to be quite powerful and you will definitely be on the transformational ride of a lifetime!