Are You Proud to be Irish, Italian, or Indian? What about African American?

On this St. Patty’s Day, let’s remember the strength and courage of our forefathers. Crowded “coffin ships” carried Irish immigrants escaping the potato famine to the new world. In many cases, 30% of the passengers never survived the voyage.

When you start feeling overwhelmed by life, think about your ancestors. Maybe you had crappy parents, but somewhere down the line, you came from strong stock, survivors who overcame mass destruction and disease that wiped out entire families. They left their countries, sometimes forcibly as slaves, headed to a new land with no hope of ever seeing their loved ones back home again.

Courage is in Your Genes

Whether you’re Irish or African American or American Indian, be proud of who you are and the strength in your genes. Your ancestors survived insurmountable odds so you could be here.

As Connie Podesta points out in this humorous video, when the Mayflower crossed the Atlantic, they didn’t have workshops on the Promenade Deck on “how to survive change.”
I’m proud to be Irish … and Dutch … and a half-dozen other nationalities.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!