By Paula Pitts

On January 7th, I turned my moving van into the rental company at the end of a warm day, went to eat at a local place here in Georgetown, and picked my daughter up from our new neighbors.  Heading out to Pawley’s there I had some peace and sense of wanting to be where I was at in that very moment that I had not had in some years.  I was happy.  Something I had not felt in my bones for far too long.  To Otter Run Road, we traveled and a warm greeting met us at my sister Tracy’s home.  Naomi and Caleb, my daughter and son, were tired but excited to finally have the move over and thinking of the new life we would have here in this coastal town, that I had fallen in love with back in 86.  I had come here then to help a priest who had been transferred here to open up Precious Blood in Pawley’s, and of course that came with the instructions of my friend that I would my spirit connected with God and find my path.  I vowed then that one day I would return to Pawleys and live.  And here I was some 26 years later; I was calling this beautiful place home.  But, here we were, my sister and myself together on the coast and a new year just starting.

Tracy, though happy to see us seemed on edge.  She was worried about Holly her daughter.  She was having trouble with her breathing and something in the air just seemed off.  Holly is my sister Tracy’s “Angel Princess” as she calls her.  She was just before turning 16 when she suffered a traumatic brain injury which left her severely disabled.  Before the injury Holly had been a star athlete, excelling in Basketball, Softball, Gymnastics, and Cheerleading.  Holly was now 24, disabled and having some severe difficulty breathing.  We were all worried and within 2 hours of my being there Holly turned for the worst.  The next 30 minutes changed my heart forever.  Though we tried, Holly left us that night.  She went with her mother Tracy, her father Roy, and her Auntie Paula holding her, telling her we loved her as we tried to save her life.  Our hearts broke as we watched her leave us that January night on a full moon.  Shock took over and the next week time seemed to not exist except for the schedule of preparation for family to arrive and serivces to be held.  Our closest family and a friends were there to celebrate the life of our beautiful angel.

The days following the service for Holly, my daughter Naomi, I would notice as she played in our new yard, seemed to be talking to someone and playing.  I would even hear her talking to someone.  Finally, I asked her whom are you talking and playing with.  She says, “Holly, Mommy”, with a funny lookin on her face.  I ask her about the look and she replies, “Well, of course it’s Holly Mommy.  She can run, and play and dance and cheer now.”  “She’s happy again.”  I cried so hard I could barely breath.  My heart ached so for the beautiful girl we had lost.  How I wanted her here, even though I knew it was selfish.  The grief had overshadowed my heart so, I hadn’t thought of how Holly must be feeling.  Free, no pain, no limits.  Through my tears, my daughter’s face looked so curious, as to why I was crying.  “Mommy, now you can talk to Holly and she can talk back.  That’s why Creator made us mediums. So we can help Aunt Tracy and Uncle Roy and Kamden (Holly’s little brother).”  She then relayed a story to me about the day of Holly’s Life Celebration Serivces.

Naomi had been sitting in the kitchen at the bar about an hour before Holly’s Serice, eating a snack.  Holly’s flowers, 24 pink roses with a white rose in it’s center sat on the counter beside where she was eating.  Naomi said that Holly had come out of her cheerleading picture and walked from her room into the kitchen and had given Naomi a hug and kiss, smelled her flowers and went back into the picture in her room.  There are no words of the comfort that brought to myself and Tracy when I told my sister of what had happened.

I have told you this so as to lead you into my life story now.  I had wondered why God had led me here.  I got my answer.  Holly and God knew Tracy would need me.  I feel that Holly was ready to fly and be whole and the body she was in just had lost it’s ability to recover, and Holly wanted to be free of it.  We weren’t ready to let her go.  I am here now for my sister, to comfort her, cry with her, and love her as only a sister can.  I thank God Holly waited for me to get here before she left.  I feel privledged to have been chosen to be there when she left us, and grateful to be here with my sister now.  I know my mediumship abilities will grow as Holly is now my angel with attitude, giving me so much love and guidance.  I look forward to each day now knowing I have Holly as my personal angel.


My name is Paula Pitts.  I am a 48 yr old single mom of two.  I am a psychic / medium, with a BS in Anthropology with 2nd major in Environmental Issues.  Born in the rural upstate community of Hickory Tavern, now a resident of Georgetown.  I moved here in January 12, to be close to my sister Tracy. Stories are a very important part of my culture as I am Cherokee and Irish.  For my family, relaying family stories keeps our family alive and present.  It helps us heal.  I give private readings if anyone is interested.