You’ve heard the buzz words – Procrastination and Overwhelmed.  Too much to do in too little time and your list never seems to get done.  Well, what if part of the reason that you aren’t reaching your goals is that a story that you have made up in your head?

Stop Procrastination

I’ve had stressful times before and have spent way too much time playing a recording and conversation over and over in my head, trying to anticipate the outcome.  I can usually come up with at least 3-4 different scenarios that will all require different input on my part and will most likely have a different outcome.   And none of this activity is productive!  I have played  the game….what if?

Well, what if you continue with status quo?  What if you don’t take action and get yourself and your business organized?  What if you do nothing and just continue to let things roll as they are now?  What opportunities are you missing?  How much money is Not getting deposited into your bank account?

Now is the time of year to change your story.   It is fall, everything is changing.  The weather is cooler and the leaves are changing.  It is time for you to make a change too.  And changing your story will help you make positive changes too.

Here are some action steps that you can take to change your story:

Check List

1.  Decide what it is that you want to change and how you will implement these changes. This list may be long – that is ok!  Pick the items off of the list that are the most important and will make the most impact on your life and business and do those first.  Once you have your goals written down, break them up into pieces.  Your inbox is a great example of something that you may want to change.  It is easy for email to accumulate and quickly get out of control.  So…first, delete everything that you don’t want or need; second highlight the important emails to make sure that you act on them first; next, get busy working on action on the rest of your emails.  The thing to remember is to dedicate a specific amount of time to doing this every day.  Watch your story begin to change…you Can control your email!   (Of course, unsubscribe yourself from lists that you really don’t need).  Remember, it’s not personal!!

2.  Determine what things that you need to do every day that will make a difference in your story.  Do you need to find more energy in the morning?  Then set up a quick 15-30 workout routine every morning.  It doesn’t have to be something complicated.  Maybe it is a CD that takes you through a short workout.  Remember, how you start your morning will dictate your day.  Remember, nothing happens until something happens.   To make positive changes requires positive action.

3.  Be realistic.  If you haven’t done your paperwork in a long time – it isn’t going to get fixed overnight.  (Unless you simply trash it all…which isn’t an option).  Procrastination will cause overwhelm and the result is that there is no result.  Nothing changes.

My last Action Step that I believe in 100% is to have an Accountability Partner.  This is someone you report to and who won’t let you off the hook if things don’t get done.  They will want to know “why” and will make you feel guilty if you don’t get it done!  Another business owner who can relate to your business and understands it is a good Accountability Partner and if you are a homeowner,  ask your brutally honest best friend to be your Accountability Partner.  Don’t let each other off the hook – this is not meant to turn into a gossip session!

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer

Organization Direct