How many of you know that when you have a desire to do something, a strong desire- NOTHING but DEATH will keep you from it? Miraculously you find a way to achieve the objective and the resources find you to accomplish your goals?

Last year– I had $5 to my name just days before I was scheduled to perform a stage play in Florence, SC. All the financial obligations for the play had not been met yet—

Miraculously, just days before the play, I received $5500 that I had no clue I was entitled too. Prior to receiving the money, I had been praying as well as journaling in hopes to receive $5,000.

I lacked the money, but at the time my desire was so strong to perform my play so I moved forward with the production, hoping, praying, and BELIEVING that the finances would come— AND THEY DID!

When you follow your dreams and live on purpose, the road may not always be paved, the struggles may seem unbearable, and you may even feel like quitting, but if you can just hang in there, the victory will be so sweet!

Needless to say, we performed the play on 11-11-11. The play happened because I did not quit, I trusted, believed, and took the first step.

In life you must not allow fear or lack of resources and people to deter you from your ideas, dreams, and vision. Move forward, envision the finish product, and accomplish what’s in your hearts, minds, and souls.

I am a living testimony that dreams do come true just as long as you don’t quit.

Sulondia R. Hammond
Author, Playwright, Speaker, Entertainer