We all face challenges in our daily lives in our jobs, family, finances and every other avenue including traffic!  We are always given the choice to Accept the challenge….. or Not.

Recently I was challenged by best selling author and Money Coach- Barbara Stanny…. and I’m passing the challenge on to YOU.  Do you Accept?

I shared the entire story in the Aware to Millionaire blog, but because you are an amazing group of Women and this information was so powerfully important….. I’m sharing it here with you as well.   I discovered though this experience that I had a HUGE block in my money path….. and it took a challenge to remove it.

You don’t have to accept every challenge that is offered to you…..  I have come to a place in my life, where I only accept challenges that serve me.  I encourage you to practice this same mindset.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of stress that magically disappears when you don’t feel obligated to accept every challenge that comes your way.

My Challenge to you is below……

Are you allowing a clear path for your money to travel as it makes it’s way to you?

Money Coach Barbara Stanny recently challenged me in a BIG WAY.  Barbara joined me last year on my show “The Journey” and totally shifted my money mindset with her powerful book and audio program “Overcoming Under Earning”.

So when I decided to create LeadingEdge Talk and have a special segment on “Women and Wealth”, I knew I wanted Barbara to be a part of it.

Through our interaction, I had the opportunity to offer her the gift of some energy work, which she accepted.

After our session and in her enthusiasm over her amazing results, she asked me why I wasn’t offering this service to people……. and then it happened.

The Challenge……

Barbara told me she wasn’t going to be on the new show with me until I figured out why I wasn’t stepping into my gift and accepting my own power.

(Barbara could see something I couldn’t!)

She could see that money was trying to make it’s way to me and I was blocking it with my indecision!

Well……  Not having her on the show was NOT an option.  I accepted the challenge, and as I focused on alignment with this new expanded version of me and aligning with my gift, each step was revealed to me in perfect time.

I realized I didn’t have a path for money to come, so that’s what I asked for….. and that’s what I got! 

I asked for a clear path for money to travel and for my true gift to be revealed….. and inspiration was received almost instantly.

All of a sudden, I realized I already had testimonials from people I had provided energy sessions for, and clients who I had helped to release resistance.

I was inspired to create a Tele-Seminar where I shared my “3 Insider Secrets” to Releasing Resistance, I created a special offer for those who want to go further with me -after experiencing their own results with the steps I guide them through on the recording….. and NOW I even have a secure check out page where my clients can make safe transactions as they choose the package that best suits their needs.

The Coolest part about all of this…… is that it happened WITHIN HOURS….. NOT WEEKS!

Everything literally fell into place, and since I released the recording a few days ago, I’ve received emails from the U.S to Australia, thanking me for sharing as they tell me about the negative energy they were able to release with the process I shared.


Barbara challenged me, and NOW I’m challenging YOU.

Have you stepped into your gift?  If you don’t know what it is yet, don’t worry. It can only be discovered and accepted by You.  We all have something we love to do and something we are really good at.  I love to work with energy.  I love to learn about it, research it, practice techniques and share my results, and I get to do all of that while surrounded by some of the finest minds in the world.

I knew what I loved to do, and I knew what I was really good at, but I wasn’t fully accepting my gift because I didn’t know how to monetize it.

That indecision and fear put a big block in the money path.  When Barbara challenged me, I was able to truly accept the gift I was given and trust the next step would be revealed…… and it was.

If you’re not clear, a good question to ask yourself is “Where do I shine the brightest”?  

I also recommend getting a mentor or coach if you don’t have one already.

Find someone who is doing something that you want to be doing and start learning from them.  You will be surprised how many people will begin to show up to guide you and support you, once you’ve made the decision to learn.

Needless to say, as far as the Challenge goes…..

Barbara Stanny joins me in the LeadingEdge Talk studio for a special segment on “Women and Wealth”.


Get clear with yourself, and then pay attention to the teachers you are attracting into your experience.  Trust the inspiration you receive and take action on it.  Ask…… Listen…… and Trust own ability to Align with solutions.



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Stephanie Kathan

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