Is education designed to limit our growth and control the ability to expand the minds of our youth?

This is something I personally felt during my years in the institution of elementary to higher learning… yet it wasn’t until Sir Ken Robinson’s fantastic Ted Talk that I truly realized the archaic nature of our education systems and its true effects.

In my personal experience and view our academic programs are so insidiously designed to not inspire “out of the box thinking” but to instead “train the mind” to think in very specific and limited ways.  Schooling systems program minds, they infiltrate mental memory banks and instill key concepts beliefs and (yes) a few important tools; what they don’t do is stimulate imaginations, encourage expansive thinking and challenge perspectives.

In my view education should break paradigms and work with our unique mind capabilities… yet it fails in this endeavor.  Check out the attached video (Sir Ken’s video re-done in a beautifully visually descriptive method by RSA Animate) and let me know your thoughts!

Much Love,

Alessandra Sagredo