Drag Racing Meets Drag Queens Live with Wally Bell!

When you mention drag racing and Colin Lively in the same sentence, a very distinct mental picture forms, doesn’t it? It involves stilettos, long lashes, and men in sequins. When you mention drag racing to Wally Bell, it involves 4 wheels and high-octane fuel. What happens when you combine the two? Colin will get a lesson on the 4-wheeled drag racing world, and Wally is going to get a lesson on the drag queen world! This should be hilarious!



We need fans from both worlds to join Colin and Wally, so call-in to the show and join the fun! 1-877-500-9387




LIVE Friday, 2-3 pm EST, online at www.HereWomenTalk.com

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Listen by phone at ZeusRadio.mobi

Chat-in or call-in 877-500-ZEUS (9387)

Replay: Friday 11pm EST


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