I couldn’t help noticing the recent flood of TV commercials touting super-absorbent toilet paper, made-for-humans pee pee pads, probiotics and digestive aids for irregularity. It appears that there is a shift in what was formerly forbidden territory… problems with the digestive and uro-genital systems.

If this represents a trend in being more open about biology and its formerly hidden downsides, I’m pleased. But when I recently heard a commercial reveal that over 20 MILLION AMERICANS ARE INCONTINENT, I was shocked.

Years ago, Americans would only speak about “private” problems with their doctors. These days, especially with the Internet, we no longer need the privacy of a doctor’s office (or the bill!) to get the answers we’re seeking.

It’s become commonplace for women to speak about wrinkles, being overweight, and even orgasms, yet sharing problems about incontinence and constipation is often too embarrassing.

As a Holistic Life Coach, my clients expect and want me to bring up biological issues so they can be solved without the use of pads or drugs. In the case of aging, incontinence and problems with digestion are certainly up there on the list. But the solution is not to buy into the idea that you have to cover up your problems, but rather to seek out non-drug solutions.

There are answers to practically all the down sides of biological breakdowns… and this goes for people of all ages, not just the elderly. Realizing that what you’re hiding is being experienced by so many others can give you the courage to talk about your concerns with others, and get their suggestions and support..

Certainly, speaking candidly about orifices outside of a doctor’s or therapist’s office can be embarrassing, or in bad taste. My personal choice is to reveal rather than conceal without shame or embarrassment. In fact, once you’ve shared your concerns and learned that others have found ways to overcome these problems, you might even find that what was formerly frightening turns out to be funny.

Better laughing than leaking!

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