Flight and Skyfall: The Film Fatales give you two good reasons to get high.

Flight. 2012. 138 minutes. Starring Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. NOW ON DVD.   

An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling. (imdb)


elizabeth: After watching the plane scene where Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker safely lands a broken plane, I booked my next flight to Paris. Not. It was about as tense a scene as you can get because you are left to ponder, “Is this really what happens when a plane falls out of the sky?” I give director Robert Zemeckis major kudos for leaving me a bout of vertigo. What fun.

Nicole: Yeesh, I’m kind of glad I didn’t strap myself in to see this one – even if the previews intrigued me.

elizabeth: Denzel Washington is probably the finest America actor around today. Like Daniel Day-Lewis (call me), Washington leaves himself behind and morphs into his characters. I always liked the quiet intelligence that he brought to most of his roles from The Bone Collector and Cry Freedom, but since 2001’s Training Day, Denzel Washington has introduced another persona that you are not sure whether you care about or would rather they drop off the face of the earth. But that is part of Washington’s brilliance as an actor. His portrayal of Whip Whitaker as the pilot who takes chances with other people’s lives without feeling too much remorse is spot on. Until…

Nicole: …until! Until, what? Cassidy! How dare you leave me in suspense!

elizabeth: This movie moves along quickly and you are never too sure whether redemption will be his or will he continue to self destruct. And John Goodman’s role as his drug dealer keeps Whip in a haze during most of the movie, which doesn’t help him gain any clarity or take responsibility for his action. Until…

Nicole: …you’re pushing it, Cassidy. Even Hitchcock didn’t resort to this brand of suspense.

elizabeth:  I think this is the type of movie where you shouldn’t divulge too much about the storyline. But I would suggest that you eat light before seeing it. Let’s just say that one of the lessons that I took from this movie is, “Don’t snort and drink and then pilot a plane full of passengers. It’s not nice.”

Nicole: Great. I’m never getting on a plane again.

Skyfall. 2012. PG-13. 143 minutes. Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem. Directed by Sam Mendes.  NOW ON DVD.

Bond’s loyalty to M is tested when her past comes back to haunt her. Whilst MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. [imdb]


Nicole: I admit it: I love a good Bond movie. I say good, because Lord knows there have been some clunkers in the past (I’m looking at you Timothy Dalton). Make no doubt, Skyfall was a good – scratch that – great Bond movie. (Not to mention it’s a distinct pleasure to watch Daniel Craig be bad ass and look so damn good doing it.)

elizabeth: Oh, please. You really like a good Bond movie? Let me know when they make one.  I have come to the conclusion that all movie violence just kills the curl in my hair and I won’t stand for that. I will agree about Timothy Dalton although there is a dark charm about him. But the poor bloke looks constipated all the time. I have heard that I do have that effect on lots of men.

Nicole: I had my doubts after Quantum of Solace…could the franchise be waning? Could this finally be the end of 007? The long wait proved well worth it. Of the Daniel Craig Bonds, this easily falls second, under Casino Royale. (Humina. Humina.) Where Quantum fell flat, Skyfall soars. That’s probably due to a fair amount of character development. I dare say we learn more about Bond’s inner workings (and M’s for that matter) than in any other Bond movie. Bond’s no longer just Her Majesty’s best and most lethal weapon, he’s a real person. And by learning about his life, we become more and more invested with each passing minute.

elizabeth: Oh, please. Pass the Midol, heating pad and the Pepto Bismol. He’s a real person.

Nicole: Now, Cassidy, I know you have a deep adoration for Javier Bardem. Can I just tell you how much of a sick bastard he is in this movie? And he plays the part with such pure relish. Bond has had foes in the past, one creepier than the next. But Bardem kicks it up a notch from creepy to “HOLY CRAP!”

elizabeth: Don’t you call my man a sick bastard. Leave my pet names for him alone.

Nicole: So, in summation – if you’re on the ledge about renting Skyfall, come back inside, pop some popcorn and queue up that sucker. Enjoy the ride…and the eye candy.

elizabeth: If you are on the ledge, might I suggest you just jump. It will probably be less painful.

The Film Fatales give Flight and Skyfall: