Sybil Danning

The Internet Movie DataBase describes my first guest, Sybil Danning as: “Tall, leggy, buxom and statuesque.  5′ 7″ blonde beauty Sybil Danning reigns supreme as one of the sexiest, most dynamic and commanding actresses to achieve cult B-movie queen status.” But Sybil is so very much more. Don’t be deceived by her 1983 pictorial in Playboy! This is a woman with depth!  This Austrian stunner is not just a body, but a determined woman with a mind and a sense of humor. I can’t wait to share her with you. She has appeared in the third season of the here! series The Lair as Frau von Hess, a sinister vampiress out to kill the vampire whose influence over her son caused her transformation.  But hold on to your hats, because that’s just a warm up for Act II of The Colin Lively Show!

I’ve often spoken on my show about how my life took some pretty deliberate directions all based on my humble beginnings in Raynelle, West Virginia and how my hearts’ desire was to get out and see the world.  The guests for the second half of my show took wanderlust to a whole new level…

(L to R) Christa Woomer, Theresa Shell and Vern Troyer

Theresa Shell and her daughter, Christa Woomer started out in Virginia… Roanoke to be precise.  They decided they’d had enough and were moving to California in modern-day, Beverly Hillbillies style, without the benefit of striking oil before striking out.  They took their zest for life, an incredible ability to laugh at themselves and everything around them and what do you get?  DIXIEWOOD!  “Dixiewood” is an hilarious new web series following the adventures of two down home, country girls, Lynn Ette and Daphne, and their “not so bright” cousin, Elvin, who decide to take on Hollywood.This is an incredibly smart, incredibly funny and most irreverent look at what happens when some people follow their dreams and we’ll talk about how you can watch this webseries!  Theirs is a tale worth telling and a dream worth having.  Theresa’s determination to turn their story into a magnificently funny show is exactly the kind of Here Women Talk story that inspires us all to follow our dreams.  We always say that there’s a story in each of us worth telling.  Theresa and Christa just managed to put their Virginia style on the telling part.  If you’re prone to wearing adult diapers, I’d get a fresh one  – these two ladies know how to tell a story!  We’ve given you a little preview of Dixiewood below:

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