What do Danny Kemp, the legendary Sarah Bernhardt, and actress Carol Dunitz all have in common? Well, they’re on the Colin Lively Show, of course!

Danny Kemp

The Desolate Garden

How does one go from Constable, to Cabbie, to Author? Danny Kemp first became a fully fledged Police Constable, but found his heart just a little too big to live with the injustices and sorrow that came with the job. So next he bought a Mini-Cab business in Bermondsey, South East London, and found out that he loved it. That was decades ago. Then, on a fine sunny November morning near the Old Bailey, he was involved in a traffic accident that left him traumatized and effectively out of work for three years. He needed something not only to do in the wasting hours of each day, but something to keep him from going crazy. So, he began to write, and write, and write. His works take the reader on amazing trips around the world, and the intertwined mysteries keep you hurrying through each page, anxious for the next. And Danny is as colorful as his characters, so be prepared for just about anything to come out of his mouth!

Carol as Sarah Bernhardt

Quit being so dramatic! You’re such a Sarah Bernhardt!

According to Mark Twain, no one is a “Sarah Bernhardt”, except Sarah Bernhardt herself. He said of Sarah, “There are five kinds of actresses, bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses, and then there is Sarah Bernhardt.”

Enter stage right-Carol Dunitz, actress and singer, who has written the play, score and lyrics and plays Bernhardt in the one-woman show, “Bernhardt On Broadway”,  calling Bernhardt “the most famous actress who ever lived.”

Sarah Bernhardt was the world’s first superstar. She was the first celebrity to endorse products. She was the first actor to star in a full-length silent film. She was an amazing self-promoter who was known the world over before the advent of airplanes and telephones. Lady Gaga, Madonna and every other celebrity of today stands on the shoulders of Sarah Bernhardt. Carol has been able to channel Mme. Sarah Bernhardt, as the video below certainly shows!

I think “Colorful” would best sum up the theme for this show, so join Colin and his guests for some unfettered fun for Friday!

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