Live Wednesday, 11am EST:  Happy-ending stories for furry friends who need a ride ~ How networks of truckers and pilots rescue pets all year long.

Let’s start the New Year with some good news. Wednesday on YAK with Kay Van Hoesen, meet noble heroes of the road and air who fly and drive animals to safe havens

Sue Wiese

Sean Kiel with Johnny 5, the first dog he transported to safety.

Joining us are Sue Wiese, founder of  Operation Roger — truckers who transport animals to safety in the cabs of their trucks. Hear from Sean Kiel, a 46-year-old trucker, telling how he got started by transporting a fluffy fur ball (pictured right) from a puppy mill to a safe home in California.

Debi Boies

Pilots N Paws has rescued thousands of animals

Also joining us is Debi Boies, co-founder of Pilots N Paws, a network of pilots and animal lovers who have rescued thousands of creatures from birds to bunnies to boa constrictors. Remember Daniel the beagle who a few months ago miraculously survived a gas-chamber? It was Pilots N Paws who flew Daniel and 18 other animals a thousand miles to safety.

Laura Coffey

Susie Sexton

Colin Lively

Through journalist Laura T. Coffey‘s research and story, we learned about these selfless volunteer transporters, and we’re delighted Laura will be joining us too. And one more animal angel is on board: avid animal activist Susie Sexton. We’ll round out the hour with animal stories from raconteur Colin Lively.So get ready to feel good. Listen live online at Chat-in or call-in 877-500-9387. Can’t be at a computer? No problem. Listen live over your phone at 646-652-2071.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

11am-12pm EST

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