Ignoring Your Intuition Can Make You Sick, Hurt and Heartbroken

There’s that saying that goes “We teach what we need to learn.” I’ve always felt that was my relationship with intuition.

It was and is, a central part of me. I couldn’t shut it off. I had to learn to live with it and hopefully live well.

I was overwhelmed at a young age by my clairsentience, or empathy (receiving intuition through feelings) that it drove me to read, research and explore how to handle this ability that at times…seemed like a curse.

The fact was that it was hard to be around crowds, depressed or angry people, and fear. It overrode my system. It brought me to tears and confusion at times.

How could I cry and feel other people’s betrayal, fear and pain?

This was among many of the questions I needed to answer!

Through hard work and discipline, I learned to manage it. Then I learned to THRIVE with my intuition. My internal guidance system evolved into the ability to receive information through images, hearing and knowing…pretty much upon request. So much so, that I began to do readings at corporate/private events at 23 (although I had started for friends and family at 16).

Like so many of you reading this today, I’ve gotten intuitive feelings, thoughts, images and gut reactions that I’ve ignored.

YES. I would connect and be spot-on with strangers, and then, at crucial moments ignore my OWN intuition!

I literally have gotten warnings and have been told to move on or go elsewhere…and ignored it! I have lived to share about it, albeit not without painful war stories and some scars.

Here’s how ignoring your intuition can make you sick, hurt and heartbroken

What did IGNORING or OVER-RIDING my intuition create in my life?

A stint in Satan’s lair as one of her handmaidens

Yes, THE JOB from Hell. It made me really sick. Not rush to the bathroom, vomit sick…we could barely get restroom time for that! It made me ill in a profound way that manifested as tumors.

Intuition said, “HELL NO GIRL! This is NO GOOD for you!”

Fear said, “Take the job. It’s rough out there.”

Everyone, including my well-known psychic said, “Stay. Don’t be negative. It’s hard out there. People are struggling. There are no jobs right now.” I stayed.

I had headaches every day. I stopped belly dancing. I had no time to work out. I gained weight. I tried to make the best of it. I prayed. I meditated.

I met an accountant by day/amazing numerologist by night at this office. She said I was a spiritual messenger number 11 all across my chart, with a 22 master builder thrown in. I laughed. I felt like a master of nothing and a fool for not listening to myself!

How could I be a messenger if I didn’t listen myself?

One day I came in to work and the angel that I had on my desk had an unexplained broken wing and my plant was dying.

I was a messenger with a damn broken wing who couldn’t trust her own self! Yes, I got angry and bitter.

I KNEW I had betrayed myself. No use blaming anyone else. My internal GPS had been LOUD and CLEAR. My fears and the world outside myself had won. I don’t tend to be negative…so when I feel something that’s negative…well, it’s because IT IS NEGATIVE!

I had tiny less than 1 millimeter fibroids when I started…10 months later when I finally walked out…my fibroids were about a 5 month pregnancy!

My benign tumors grow at an astounding rate. I later discovered that many of the women also had tumors benign or otherwise. A man, who was her right hand (I called him Satan’s lapdog) later came down with cancer of the throat.

Not listening to my intuition cost me my once stellar HEALTH and SELF-CONFIDENCE. Thankfully, I am okay now 🙂

It doesn’t end there…

Physically attacked on a date. Tallish, dark and handsome…what’s not to like? Not to mention, French accent, to boot?
Intuition said, “He’s off. Don’t see him again.” I said, “Well…I don’t want him to think I’m being mean or judgmental. I will tell him its over in person.” The Inner Good Girl didn’t get far.

Once again, letting what others thought of me AND my fear of being wrong…got the best of my inner knowing!

Yes, I was attacked and threatened with more violence in weeks to come!

Thankfully, I got out of that situation…but it was a close call. Too close for this girl who was living solo in Manhattan and trying to make her dreams come true. This was, in truth, every young woman’s nightmare.

Not listening to my intuition and listening to my “what will he think” fears placed me in a precarious situation. I swore I would always, always listen!

Until, I met the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen…

Starting relationship doomed to end unhappily:
I met this gorgeous, loving man and after a date, I KNEW. INSTANTLY. I knew deep in my heart that we were not matched.

I had a lot of confidence and he suffered in this area. I knew that eventually he would grow to dislike me for this. I shared with him that we were unmatched. He said, “Cut me some slack. I know about this and I am working on myself.” A year of sharing, passion and love ended in him literally drowning his sorrows in alcohol…he felt he couldn’t hold his own. I ended it.

Now intuition and spirituality won’t keep you from experiencing all of life and as we know life is filled with illness, sadness, heart break and loss. There are some things we are meant to experience.

But as I’ve always said, “Instinct has an automatic aspect to it. Intuition involves CHOICE”

I was given a CHOICE by getting warnings about situations and I OVER-RODE the intuitive information and CHOSE another way…a way that caused me grief.

I shared only three examples here. I hate to admit it, as much as I knew I could do good intuitive sessions…I sometimes pushed away my own intuitive insights.

Do you remember feeling or knowing something and then brushing it off…only to discover that you were right?

I bet that’s happened more times than you would like to admit.

We are all intuitive. It’s something that we are born with and meant to help guide our lives. Yet, somehow along the way…we push it aside, devalue it or thing we are doing some crazy thinking.

I have betrayed myself in the past AND now I have valued myself enough to LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION and take APPROPRIATE ACTION.

That’s why this is part of my personal mission to assist anyone and everyone who is interested in connecting to and developing to their intuition.

It’s not enough for me to be able to give you a ROCKIN’ intuitive session…I want to have you ALWAYS rockin’ your OWN world with your internal GPS!

So…IF you are tired of thinking…”I HAD a feeling! Why didn’t I listen?” or simply can’t even recognize WHAT your INTUITION is because your FEAR and cultural beliefs take power…

Remember: Intuition is our most powerful gift. We all have it. Most of us don’t know how to make the most of it or apply it to practical everyday situations.

Originally published April 13, 2013