In searching for a medium, it is important to look for the following ingredients;One cup full of referrals, One teaspoon of knowledge that the medium you choose will not recall what was said during the reading and a pinch of not disclosing any information prior to the reading.A medium should not tell a prospective client to go elsewhere because they cannot pay the exact amount of money that they charge. The medium must have an excellent reputation. The medium that validates with specifics, not only that she is okay and he is okay, but also one who validates specific information for the client is what one should be looking for in finding the medium.Those who have crossed over to the other veil, tend to connect with a medium that has a birthday similar to theirs or a situation that is similar to theirs. They are searching for a medium they can work with. When you search for a doctor, you have specific requirements that you are looking for. Some feel that a good bedside manner is important and others feel that they are looking for successful medical performance. A medium is one who is not going to play with this gift.  A cardiologist is given the gift to operate. A Medium is given a gift to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other veil.

I went to a fair a few years back. I decided to go for a ten-minute reading when I sat listening to this woman who was telling me basic information. “It will be a sunny and bright day, I will feel positive when spring turns the corner,” however, to my surprise I felt a thickening of the air and there stood her sister, “Clarisse.” She told me her name and explained that she crossed over two weeks ago from a blood disease.When my reading was completed, I asked the reader if I she would be receptive if I were to gift her with a special reading. She hesitated for a moment, but was open to what I wanted to share with her.  I informed her that her sister Clarisse crossed over two weeks ago and crossed over from a blood disease. Her face turned as white as a ghost. She jumped out of her seat in astonishment, hugged me and asked me how did I know this. She pleaded to see me as a medium and I refused. She told me she should not be doing this and I informed her that is her decision but not to play with what she does. It is NOT a game. I only hope that those people who claim they are a medium are not using this as a money making profit. Sadly, there are those charlatans out there and we need to choose selectively.

Ena Twigg, a medium in England felt that “those who become too greedy would loose their abilities to give readings.” We need to be able to accommodate for those in need of a reading and of course get paid for our services, however, be able to accommodate those who are in need of financial assistance.

A good medium will have referrals and testimonials and be able to inform their reader of the many beautiful things that transpired while they were in their physical state of being. Their personalities remain the same so gestures and how they acted and responded to situations are amazing to hear and see.

People are anxious to speak with their departed loved ones and this can make them vulnerable. Allow for a medium to come through with specific validations that only they would know. It is essential to recognize that a medium needs to be specific. A medium that you choose must be able to give only the positive and not the negative.One very essential component necessary in choosing a medium is that the medium should not be able to recall what they were saying during the reading. GOD Bless, look for the right medium to connect and ask questions but do not give specifics regarding connecting with your loved one.

The week of January 23, 2012, I am setting up ½ hour phone readings at a cost that one can afford. Half of this gift will be donated to “The Onyx Foundation” My brother and sister in law, whose cat passed away at 1:00 AM this morning. This is a gift so that one can connect with their loved ones, family, friends and pets. The “I can pay whatever I can pay” will be in effect until Friday evening the 27th of January. Readings will take place over the phone and I will take appointments from those who express an interest at [email protected]. If you are interested in a reading, you may pay through PayPal. Please place your first choice date and time and confirm with me prior to payment. I will try and accommodate your request. If the slots are filled, I will give you a few times and dates that are available. Again, half hour readings are available for the week of Monday January 23, 2012 through Friday January 27, 2012. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nancy Meryl

[email protected]