How to Stay Organized When I’m Overwhelmed

When life happens it can be hard to know How to Stay Organized when I am Overwhelmed.  I have been there before and have felt your pain.

So how do I stay organized when I’m overwhelmed? I, personally, take a step back and think through life logically. I listen to what my mind and body are telling me…I take a nap in the middle of the day (if possible). I will sleep in just a little in the morning or I will do something fun. (Or, I will use an Essential Oil to help me stay focused).

Peace and Calm
Avoid Overwhelm with Peace and Calm

My key to staying organized when I’m overwhelmed also includes being truthful with myself. I have to identify what things on my To Do List absolutely, without a doubt, must be done today.  After all, aren’t there a lot of things on your list that you “Need” To Do? Of course, our To Do List can go on forever when you add in every little thing that you need to remember to do. However, I have to be realistic and prioritize my list.

I go through my list and prioritize everything. This may sound daunting….but; it really doesn’t take much time at all. By prioritizing my list, I am also able to find ways to multi-task without jeopardizing projects – which allows me to practice better time management!

I prioritize my list and stay organized when I’m overwhelmed by identifying my deadlines. The idea of staying up late (or getting up even earlier than normal) is not my idea of fun.  So, I identify what items on my list have urgent deadlines. My weekly deadlines include: writing my blogs and newsletters, following up with clients and appointments (I receive my reminder emails from my MobilLogic account) and continual marketing for my business. On the personal side of life ,my To Do List of priorities include keeping up with the laundry, fixing a nice dinner for my family and scheduling family/devotion time.

One thing for sure…life will throw me a curve ball and being able to stay organized through it all will be the key to ensuring that my stress level doesn’t get out of control.  As we quickly approach the first day of Kindergarten I know that my life will change. We will have new obligations, deadlines and activities to fit into our schedule. How will we make that happen without being overwhelmed, and, more importantly, without having our little girl become overwhelmed?

young girl

We already started developing new routines that will help her transition into the school routine and avoid her becoming overwhelmed. A few weeks ago, we added a new step to her bedtime routine. She picks out her clothes for the following school day. This includes socks and shoes. We also have started the bedtime routine as if she was already in school.

Stay organized when you are overwhelmed means keeping focused and avoiding drama. Stick to what you know you can handle and learn to say “NO”. There isn’t a reason to feel as if you need to be “Supermom” or “Superdad”.

What overwhelms you? Let me know how I can help you work through your overwhelm and enjoy your life more.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct