How to Turn Failures to Treasures|Sally Field with Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Sally Field recently on OWN. Fortunately, I DVRd it. Oprah asked Sally about failures, and it must be something I needed to hear, because I’ve replayed that bit several times. You might find the discussion helpful, too, so here you go.

Oprah to Sally:

“I read that you believe: Failures are your treasures. What is your philosophy about failures?”


“Oh, wow,” says Sally. (Obviously, Sally thinks this is a big question; she pauses momentarily and then answers.)

“They are so unbelievably painful. I really honestly do believe that all the times that I failed or got stuck or stumped, like my career came to a screeching halt and I was persona non grata … it was the times of that painful — what felt like failure to me, that somehow I’d done something wrong — that made me readjust and go down, as they say, a path, something that I would not have done.”

“… And then I would churn and push and grow and figure and take another path and do another thing and all of a sudden something would happen again.”

This last year has been tough for me and many of you. If you’ve experienced what you now perceive as failure, down the road, if you keep churning and pushing and readjusting, all of a sudden, like Sally, something will happen, and you too can turn your painful path to treasure and success. Hang in there. This could be the best chapter of your life.

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