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National Home Improvement Month

National Home Improvement Month - What should you Spend your money on? May is National Home Improvement month. But, if you're like the average homeowner, it's hard to decide exactly which of the many home improvements you should invest in. Read the list below to find...

Are You Toxic?

Are You Toxic? How you begin your day will dictate your day and it can all be related back to the question, Are You Toxic? Have you ever been in the room when a person walks in and you can just feel the energy in the room change…literally? Everyone become on edge,...

How to Organize For a Trip

How to Organize For a Trip Once you put in your vacation time there’s no turning back. The trip is happening and you are so excited about taking a break from your job and relaxing. However, very rarely do vacations end up being an oasis that allows you to escape from...

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