texting phone padPlease Stop Texting while Driving

Our teenage society has adapted toward keeping in touch with their friends by texting. While technology has advanced in a positive direction its side effects has taken many young lives away.
One second of texting has led to accidents some that have been fatal. Somehow, texting needs to be automatically turned off when the car is moving.  The death rate has increased considerably since cell phones have come into effect.

Parents set examples and sadly they are texting their friends or clients while driving. How sad is this when children observe this behavior from their own parent.  A course besides driving needs to be administered in order for adolescents to learn that texting while driving is hazardous.

There is a reason why texting is forbidden in several states, not all mind you, but in many states.  Statistics have shown that adolescents who drive have more accidents as opposed to when cell phones were not devised.  It is wonderful having a cell phone; the advancement of technology especially in the world we live in today, but texting while driving must be forbidden and something needs to be done imminently.  Your thoughts and suggestions are open for all.