home improvementNational Home Improvement Month – What should you Spend your money on?

May is National Home Improvement month. But, if you’re like the average homeowner, it’s hard to decide exactly which of the many home improvements you should invest in. Read the list below to find out what improvements will return on the investment.

Bathroom: There are many quick solutions for bathroom areas. To completely change the look of a room think about switching flooring to an easily installed laminate. Back splashes are also very trendy this year. Home improvement stores offer a lot of easy to install options that can be purchased for very reasonable prices. Adding shelving and storage can also set your bathrooms apart from the rest. Simple over the toilet cabinets and shelving units are quick fixes for a lack of storage space issues. Each of these improvement options can double to triple your ROI.

Kitchen: Complete kitchen makeovers can cost you serious cash. Consider instead just giving your garage a small  face lift. Painting cabinets a different color or replacing just the front panel of appliances are great ways to to make this area of your home look more aesthetically  pleasing. Such investments can also increase the value of your home, since the kitchen in a major selling point for many buyers. When looking to spend a little more on the renovation, consider switching out-of-date appliances for energy efficient options. This will decrease energy bills and provide buyers with a newer option.

Garage: How many garages do you know of have a custom garage storage system? By investing in storage options for the garage you can make your home appeal to both male and females. A workstation would appeal to the handyman and a place for storage may appeal to someone with a lot of holiday decorations. Consider options that allow for customization with changing needs. Shelving with hooks are a great option because they are easy to switch and don’t take special skills to install. Adding a coating to your garage flooring can also update the look quickly. Epoxy floor coatings can be installed in as little as 1-2 days. They also appeal to both younger and older home buyers because they take maintenance to keep them looking new.

Closets: You don’t have to make each closet a walk-in to get serious bang for your buck. Adding shelving units can be quick process. Many buyers prefer shelving in their  closets to outdated hanging rods because they allow for storage of different clothing items more easily. They also make it so new homeowners don’t have to buy larger furniture and dressers to store clothing.

Have you made home improvements lately? If so, which home improvements provided you with a higher ROI?