After a series of setbacks, disappointments and failures, I’m back! I know that because I exercised today. I have this love/hate relationship with exercise. Whenever I get stuck and put it out of my routine, it gets on my hate list. But once I get out of the funk and actually get started, I love it as much as I love gourmet food.

It’s amazing how your state of mind has adverse affects on all levels of life and the first routine that usually goes is the thing that would better help you to manage the effects of the funky season and get you out of it soonest. So how does one really get out of a funk?

Ideally you could hire a Coach who would help you put things back together strategically, but when the consequences of your setbacks, disappointments and failures leave you strapped for cash, unless the Coach does pro bono with you, you’ve got to begin to take small steps, one at a time. And yes you’ve got to do so strategically.

This is my strategy I’ve forgiven myself for the perceived wrong turns and inaccurate decisions. I’ve begun to be grateful for the season that it has brought me into, taking note of all of the salient life lessons gleaned from the period. Actually I have to agree with Mr. Steve Jobs, “My failures have been my greatest teachers”, therefore gratitude is the only natural response. I have learnt so much about myself in this period and gained so many new strengths, I can say without a doubt that I am a better person coming out of this season than before it all began. I’ve also forgiven the people who ran out on me and left me for dead when the slide began and I thank God for them too. If they hadn’t left I would not have sought a hiding place under the wings of the almighty, I may have actually trusted in their flawed wisdom. So simply put, I adjusted my attitude, threw out all of the self-pity, self-condemnation, foolish pride and justification for not doing things I really could have done better because I knew better.

That makes it easier to begin putting the body back in shape, the most difficult step is the first one which I took today, commenced the exercise routine.

Next step is to put some things on paper plotting the course for the future.  For me this list is contingent upon what I want to leave as a legacy when I’m gone. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in this regard. The main theme I want running through the hearts and minds of everyone at my funeral is how much better I made life for them and the world in which I lived in general. I also want it unequivocally known that I walked in obedience to God and that He walked with me.

I’ve been having discussions with God on what He wants me specifically to do and I’ve gotten some answers so I’m listening to His instructions as I make the list. He’s brought some wonderful new friends into my life and has been prompting me to begin again some daily practices towards successfully moving forward. Simple things like planning my days from the evening before, keeping a record of monthly, weekly and daily goals and achievements, committing myself to the process even when times get tough. Remembering that I am not in this alone and having found His strength very present in my weakness, I press on towards the mark of the high call of God in Christ Jesus.

I must express above all things today, my extreme gratitude to God for His love, mercy and life coursing through my soul. I give Him extravagant praise today as I stand BIG!  (Believing In God)