Medium Nancy Meryl says, “just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.” And she should know. Since she was a young girl, Nancy had been receiving messages from people who have passed on. As an adult, Nancy decided to make it her life’s work to use her gift to help people receive messages from their loved ones who have passed. Nancy is also one of Here Women Talks’ columnists: The Interview.

 Q. Hi Nancy. Before we get into how you work as a medium, can you please tell us what a medium is?

 A Medium is a person who is able to communicate with those who have crossed over to another veil. They communicate to me by letting me know through my mind and from their soul exactly what they want me to tell the person who is there for a reading. Fortunately, I am blessed with the ability to give specifics, validations, smells and information that only the client has knowledge about.

 Q. Can you tell us what the difference is between a medium and a psychic? Why does someone go to a medium versus seeking out a psychic?

  A Medium is one who communicates with the soul/souls that have crossed over. Those souls relay messages and validations that I am able to quote while I am in a trance. The messages are specific, not just he‘s okay or she’s okay. The personalities remain the same as well as their gestures.

A psychic is a person who has the ability to tell a person what will transpire in their life. They can determine if a person will meet someone or if they will get a new job. A psychic deals with giving insight into our physical beings, meaning what will transpire in our world.

 Q. Where do you think this gift comes from? Do any other members of your family show signs of being a medium?

 This is a gift that is genetic and I will never play with it. My mother has the ability and feels the thickening of the air and my older daughter has the ability of communicating with those who have crossed over. My great aunt also had the ability, but more on the lines of predictions. She knew when my mother gave birth to my brother without being informed and went directly to the hospital to see the baby boy.

 Q. Were you frightened when you started to see people who had passed?  Who did you finally tell and what was their reaction?

 I started to speak with those who crossed over when I was a little girl. My mother went to see Ena Twigg, a medium, in England after my father passed away. I was 9 years old at the time. Ena informed me in a letter my mother brought back that I possess this gift but not to use it until I was older. I had many things that I needed to accomplish in our physical world before connecting with the other side.

  Q. What comes through when you are working as a conduit with someone who is trying to contact a loved one? Are there physical sensations that occur such as a change in the temperature in the room?

 My abilities and energy have been very strong and the validations that come through are direct and to the point. I feel the thickening of the air and know if it is either a female or the presence of a male. If it is a softer presence, it is a female; a stronger presence indicates that it is a male. If I feel the presence of a person beneath me, I feel it is a child. If the presence is next to me, it comes across as a sibling or a person of the same age. It the presence is above me, I feel that a grandparent or parent or someone older is making themselves known to me.

When I connect, the client documents everything in writing. I will not remember the reading when I come out of the trance. I have also been known to solve crimes and to speak in other languages…languages that I am not able to speak in the physical world.

Names come through along with smells, birthdates and the personalities of those who have crossed over remain the same when they come through at a session.

Physical sensations can change in the room. I did a reading about September 11, 2001 and I felt the burning sensation in Tower One in a way that no news reporter could even begin to describe.

 There are times when I will feel the emotions of the soul and laugh or cry along with them.

Q. You mentioned that you also help people cross over. Why do you think some people have problems with crossing over?

I have had a hard time with the thought of loss even though there is life after.  However, I have learned when the quality of life no longer exists, as it did with my uncle who I loved so dearly, that it is their time to move on and not to endure anymore suffering. I believe in telling them that they are loved and I thank them for being there and that it is okay to leave.

Some people have difficulty crossing over because they want to be with their families and their families have a hard time letting go. It is a pull, a tug of war. I have felt this especially when being in a hospital. There are souls who fight as hard as they can to remain in the physical. Generally they are either not at peace with themselves and feel that business is not complete in the physical world.

 Q. In your opinion, what makes for a good and trustworthy medium?  And is it true that you do not deliver negative news from people who have passed?

 A good and trustworthy medium is one who says what they need to say and is specific and does not make up anything.

 A good medium is one who does not disregard a person having financial issues. While it is true that time is worth money, we cannot starve those who need to hear from their loved ones due to lack of financial abilities.

 I do not receive any negative news from anyone who has passed. They tell me what they want me to tell my sitter and I relay what is told to me. Only the positive comes through.

 Q. Do you think everyone can develop their gifts as a medium like we can develop our intuitive skills?

 Absolutely not. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I am not able to perform open-heart surgery. I do not have that ability to perform root canal on a patient. Being a medium is a gift, a gift that should be respected and not used as a game. Too many people wish to use the term “medium” freely…

 Q. You are currently mentoring someone who talks to animals. I have seven at home that they can chat up with any time but just for the record, I do feed them on time. How does that differ from talking with people?

 Animals are very intuitive; it is based on feelings rather than words. I have been mentoring a friend who speaks with animals. He feels that, “The difference between communicating with animals as opposed to people is that animals communicate with their feelings but never in a verbal form. They guide me and they tell me exactly what they need and they are explicit about how they crossed over. They want me to know all about their life in the physical, who was kind to them and who may not have been kind.” Frank is a good friend and I call him, “Dr. Doolittle.”  

Q. You are a professor of education at well-known college. Have you discussed your gifts with the other professors and students? If yes, what have their reactions been like?

 I have separated my gift as a medium with being a professor, however, some colleagues have knowledge of my abilities and we are connected intellectually through our understanding of the life after. My colleagues have an interest in my abilities and we have spent much time reading and learning about scientific studies that have been documented in England. Only until recently has spirituality, a non-religious component been implemented into the study of education. Howard Gardner is currently working on his ninth stage of multiple intelligences, that being spirituality. Transcendental meditation is now incorporated in the elementary schools.  So change is occurring and the work of a medium is being accepted and respected more and more.

 Q. Can you give us a couple of examples of some of the people who have come to you and what their messages were for their loved ones?

 I had previously done a reading for a gentleman who had a brain tumor and was given three months to live. John was on medication and in severe pain. During my trance, I was able to arrive at a remedy, as did Edgar Cayce (Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant) during his readings. When John went to Sloan Kettering and the tumor had shrunk and he lived an extra year and a half. The doctors pleaded with him to tell them what the remedy was and his response, “it was my grandmother’s old fashioned remedy” John no longer needed to take pain killers.

Ginny lost her son in an accident. “In May of this year, I had another experience with you that brought me more of the same big smiles.  I have photographs of my son all around my apartment. I placed each with care and thought.  I have not moved any of them since I have lived in this apartment. Not one, but early this May, I actually did move a picture from my bedroom to my dining room. Within a few days of doing that, you told me Craigie knows that I moved a photograph. It’s as if he is right here! Which I now know he is – only because of meeting you!” Ginny

 Q. A lot of women are thinking about reinventing themselves and taking their lives in a whole new direction. Since you are in the middle of doing that, can you offer any advice on how to go about it in a fearless way?

Change is difficult, yet there are paths that we find ourselves walking down at different times in our lives. Life is filled with change and in order to grow we must learn to accept change. When one door closes another door opens. Fear is only fear in itself. That is why I introduce “The Secret” to many people. If we focus on setting our purpose and objectives in a positive fashion into the universe, then we will receive the positive in return.

  Q. Can you tell us about the book you are writing?

 A. My book is entitled, ‘No Coincidences’ and I am close to completing it.

The book is not long, but direct and to the point. It includes chapters about being a medium, my experiences and a chapter on validations.

 Q. How can people get in touch with you about having an in person or phone session with you?

A. I can be reached at [email protected] and my website is entitled; People who are interested can fill out a form and simply ask me a question in the box provided.



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