I’m going to risk sounding like a lunatic. I’d heard a lot about The Course In Miracles over the years. I never thought of taking it because I felt that life was a miracle and I didn’t need to learn that. This year Rev. Shawn Moninger of Norwalk CT, from whom I’ve gotten great insights, let me know he’d be giving the course in NYC. (He’d also been the lighting designer for my cabaret over 20 years ago.) So, I decided to give it a try.

I’m glad I did. In the very first session I attended we read: “There is no such thing as time.” Hmmm! I pondered that for only a split second and wooosh! – a vision flew into my brain. It was very clear and I can bring it back at will. Here’s what I saw:

I saw a large propane lighter ignite in less than a second. Whoosh! The flame flew out. Then, for some reason, my perception slowed down the flame’s whoosh. At the very start of the whoosh! I could see dinosaur like creatures in plants with wooden thorns. They were being forcefully blown upward and outward. Then I began to see cavemen throwing stones at huge animals being whooshed up and out from the lighter. . They reached the top of the flame and went poof and they too disappeared. Then, below them, in the whooshing flame I saw people in biblical garb. They were walking in and out of tents. As the flame grew wider and higher, knights in armor appeared at the base and they whirred up and out. Next I saw Twenty First Century people walking down city streets and cars driving by and finally I saw beings somewhat like humans flying around by grasping small metal devices. As they whirred out of sight I was surprised to next see people who seemed to be in one place and then seconds later were miles away. I recalled the words “Beam my up, Scottie” from Star Trek. The process kept going and newer beings kept flying out of the lighter through the flame. Yet I knew that flame took only a second to fully light.

Each group the lighter created was under the false perception that creation had happened – that they were living in a world that was set. They studied what came before, but falsely thought that a huge amount of time had passed. They thought new inventions and species were being created in a set universe. I got that we may not realize that creation is happening…and is still in process…and it’s a very speedy process. We were part of the whoosh of creation rather than beings living in a fixed and created place. What we perceive as time probably isn’t real. A tiny person perceives someone who is 5’8” tall as quite tall. Someone who is 6’7” perceives the 5’8” person as being on the short side. I bet a fruit fly perceives its life to be as full as we perceive ours to be, even though it lives hardly more than a day. To us it seems as though 30,000 years is a long time, however if I think of the whoosh of creation of each era as part of that lighter’s flame igniting I realize that it’s no at all.

I’m beginning to see that creation is “happening” and with incredible speed i.e., in a whoosh!!” Therefore, worrying about getting old seems ridiculous! Since my perception of time isn’t the truth – I’m might as well commit myself to enjoying the whoosh and enjoy what we refer to as aging! Wanna join me?