Karma is a Bitch!

Think what you say or how you act before you regret what you do
Know that Karma’s a bitch and will come back to haunt you.
Realize that love is the ultimate divine, if not, Karma’s going to kick you in the behind.
Hurt your family, friends, colleagues or pets, Knowing that you have zero regrets.
Karma is going to get you.
Say hurtful words that give others pain and look at yourself you must be insane
Karma is a Bitch and this should be known If you do something bad, this you will own
If treating someone cruel and inflicting pain
You will have bad karma that you will gain
If knowing that you are happy gives you pleasure in seeing someone’s sorrow, then know that karma will not necessarily come tomorrow
There are souls that are evil and souls that are kind
Walk away and leave the bad ones behind
Bad energy
is a curse that must make one run
If you are smart you’ll know you’re done
There was once a man who gained pleasure of looking up people’s misfortunes as his treasure
He searched for their misfortunes on his computer As he pompously felt proud and made it known out loud
That he found a person on the sight
The misfortunate person, embarrassed could not put up a fight.
His venom was poisonous as a snake
In his mind this was not a mistake
Intentionally striving to enjoy others pain
Was a sign this man was completely insane
He became a bully in his own world of his own Laughed silently while he held his cell phone
Hid it from his wife
and extracted her emotionally from his life
Believed his lies and told them with a straight face
The town soon learned this man’s a disgrace
The people in the town referred to him as a clown
He was noted as a pathological liar and went to slash his families’ tire
He sabotaged his child with tons of money
Because he felt this was funny.
It was his way to buy her love
darkness covered him from the skies above
He destroyed relationships and peoples lives and made fun of other men’s wives
He laughed at all, all but himself and felt great power in money
He even went as far as pretending to love other women just for their money He opened a business with money that he took
Was considered to be one huge crook
He thought he was getting away with all
Until one day he took a fall
One day the lord heard a prayer from his old family who asked if he was there
The lord saw what was being done and took upon himself to be the one This man is a threat to society and will not regret The pain and misfortune he has upset
The lives of others that he goes near will now place him in silent fear
Too greedy is this man to feel he is safe When money is his love that comes in first place
He left his family in all despair and truly kept walking without a care
Time went on and business got rough, things he remembered began to get tough
He wasn’t wanted back in his family’s life for he left his children and his wife
The family got stronger as time went by
no longer were the children and wife to cry
As he lost his business his friends and family
His greediness for love known as money Was no longer a game that was funny
Money in his life Disappeared as fast as it came
This was no longer a poisonous game
As his narcissistic psychopathic behaviors gave him pleasure, it left him less than a kindness treasure
Karma turned around and saw to this that he was completely mean and nothing in-between
And shortly after all was known that karma began to be shown. This man grew old and saw his life as empty He lost his friends, children, his home and wife And learned that money was his focus of life
While his pain grew empty as his pockets tore He didn’t have money any more His heart was still empty his soul a miss
He was a lonely old man in the midst of this.
Karma comes in this life It doesn’t go away
He lost his business, and played music the best that he could
With his pet monkey by his side
Holding a can, hoping for a dime
Some people walked by and stopped to listen to the music, gave some money in the can for the monkey and not the old man
The economy was poor and so was this old man, he played his music while holding his can.
Penn Station was getting tired of his old songs and he needed to move along.
He took a hiatus and slept on the street and gave his monkey to someone who was sweet.
She took the monkey and fed him well, brought him back to good health She saw the man and looked at him sitting against the wall
The monkey whispered a saying into his deaf ear Telling him wealth is not all about money it is about loving and care
The monkey caressed the old man’s hair
He told him to learn and to be aware
that its not all money that should make him care
Wealth is a family, love and affection, trust and honesty that were his reflection.
As the monkey walked away with the lady holding her hand
It was all too late for the man to understand
It comes to show us to do what is right, so read this poem every night Think before you act and think before you do

  Karma’s a Bitch that will come right back to you!