See yourself as the beauty you are.

I recently moved into a lovely apartment in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Admittedly, that’s quite a name for a Heavenly neighborhood that hasn’t succumbed to gentrification. It’s peppered with mom and pop stores, quaint restaurants, lots of people from show business… and plenty of adorable dogs!

When the broker showed me the apartment, I swooned, “Yes. I want it!” Why was I thrilled? No big surprise for those who know me. It was completely covered in mirrors!

Quickly calling my son who arranged for me to to get this amazing find, I screeched, “Josh, the place is fabulous… with an INCREDIBLE VIEW. It’s got mirrors everywhere!”

Now, my dear son knows how his aging-obsessed mom checks every square inch of herself in mirrors to make sure nothing’s slipping south.

So why this personal story?

I want to share with you that gazing in the mirror is a loving and wonderful way to stay close to yourself. You may resist or even resent this. Pehaps you’re concerned that it’s an indication of Narcissism. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s that wonderful song in the musical, The King and I, “Getting to Know You!” Well, I’m encouraging you to get to know yourself… without negative judgement and stereotyped opinions of how you should look. YOU LOOK LIKE YOU and there’s nothing better than that!

Does that mean that accepting and loving what you see will take away your determination to change, transform or improve?  NO, it doesn’t! Appreciating and honoring that extraordinary women in the mirror blesses you with the self-confidence and courage to take steps to create yourself as the woman you always dreamed of becoming.

Think of yourself as your own parent. Would you tell a child that she wasn’t as cute as Shirley Temple or as talented as Judy Garland, as beautiful as Demi Moore, or as smart as Einstein? Of course not! Competition and comparison undermine us all.

As you treat yourself with respect, joy and love, your true beauty will emerge, blessing your life and the lives of all those around you. Be the gift to the world that you are…  that remarkable beauty in the mirror!