Lindy Gravelle

Patrick McMullan

2-3 pm EST (11am-12pm PT) The Colin Lively Show~ Colin has so much to cover in this show, we’re not sure an hour is enough! Today, Colin will try to tackle and overcome his fear of flying with none other than Dr. Shadenfreud, who has cured many celebrities of severe fears and phobias over the years. Colin is very hopeful this will work, so please, keep your fingers crossed!

Then, the fabulously talented Lindy Gravelle, acclaimed singer/songwriter/pianist. Lindy’s illustrious career began at the age of 3 in picturesque Tillamook, Oregon. Her musical talent took her to stays in San Francisco and Nashville. Now, coming full-circle, she is back in her beloved Oregon.

And on a more serious note as Colin is completely heartbroken, we’re sure he can pull it together long enough to share some fantastic anecdotes about his dear friend, Zelda Kaplan, who suddenly passed away this week at the age of 95. She was, and always will be, an icon in the fashion industry. Oh the fashion changes she’s seen in 95 years! Colin’s dear friend, Patrick McMullan,THE A-List celebrities’ photographer of New York, joins Colin in remembering Zelda.

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