Marriage: Our Shopping Bridesmaid

With the return of fine weather, a sweet romance wind takes hold of us. And because it’s the wedding season: lovers unite and sometimes with a little luck, our sister, cousin or best friend chooses us to be her maid of honor. To feel without upstage the bride, there are some rules to follow … So how to dress? 

DRESS THE GIRL THE CODE OF HONOR. At weddings, two schools of thought. The first, attached to tradition, put on a long dress below the knee to meet the virginal symbol of marriage. While others dare shortest dress, preferably flashy or pastel to be in the spring trend. The best is yet to seek advice to the bride to be sure not to compete with it. 


As for accessories, bridesmaid dresses, opt for a nice clutch bag, ideal for storing your makeup and so do some touch-ups throughout the day. Forget smoky eyes makeup and other dark, rather prefer a make-up nude worked very subtle. Discreet eyeliner, of blusher cheeks and a gourmet gloss will show you a natural beauty and very romantic setting. 

Finally, do not forget to catch the bouquet! You may be next, who knows?