Nancy Meryl talks to dead spirits who have crossed over

Nancy Meryl

Wednesday,  October 12,  11am-12pm EST,  LIVE on YAK.  Join us online at

Do you believe in life after death? Do you have a loved one who’s crossed over you wish you could reach? I do — both human and pets. Wednesday on YAK, Medium Nancy Meryl, by day a college professor of education,  joins Kay and Gail for questions about death and dying, communicating with spirits, and maybe she’ll even do some readings.

Since she was a little girl, Nancy has been talking with the dead. When she was 9, Ena Twigg, a medium in England, confirmed she had this gift, but Ena also advised Nancy not to use it till she was older.

Colin Lively

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Live Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 11 am-12 pm EST (8-9 am Pacific)

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