Walking with God is often a tall order. You’re expected to love the unlovable, forgive those who’ve wronged you and to do good to those who despitefully use you. How is that even possible? Only through a heart that has been redeemed!

In our unregenerate state it would certainly be a problem because the heart is set on pleasing itself. When you have been redeemed your heart is set on pleasing God. Even so it is no easy feat to go from being comfortable with staying far from the unlovable, unkind and downright nasty and believing that it is the best thing to do to being loving, forgiving and helpful. The more we yield to the prompting and help of the Holy Spirit the more grace we utilize to enable us, it is a process.

Sometimes we are confident that we have forgiven those who’ve done us wrong yet interaction with them is hard. I believe that’s when the wounds inflicted upon us by the actions or behaviors of such persons are not completely healed. When you find yourself in this position simply confess where you are to God and ask for His love to enable you, and ask Him to complete the healing. Always be honest with God and with yourself. Often times we believe that we are completely healed until we encounter the person again and everything comes right back to the surface. Like I said before, it’s a process and God knows all about it, He’s always right there with you to enable you to grow through the situation.

If you truly want to grow in your faith you must be a student of His word. It is there you will find every precious promise given you to enable you to live a Godly and Holy life. That is what we are called to do and be Godly and Holy. Take time out of your schedule to sit quietly with an open heart and mind to read and meditate upon the truths in the bible, God will talk to you. Prayer can be considered our communication to God but the word is God’s way of communicating back to us. In a healthy relationship communication goes two ways, anytime the communication is one way the relationship cannot be healthy. God’s desire is to be able to communicate with us as He did with Adam in the cool of the day.

Taking time out from your daily schedules to go apart and spend time with Him is also very healing and brings tremendous growth to your soul. When you take time to go apart to be alone with your husband or wife it brings greater intimacy and strengthens your covenant bond. Similarly the relationship between you and God is a covenant relationship that must be nurtured.

Genuinely desire to have more of Him and to spend more intimate time with Him, He will make it happen. This is His greatest desire as I’ve said before and He is in control of all things so He will orchestrate it if you sincerely want it. No distractions, no cares just peaceful time alone with your God and the lover of your soul.

In making this a constant practice in your life, loving the unlovable is no longer a chore but a love offering to God. Doing good to those who despitefully use you gives you the opportunity to be the goodness of God to them; it is the goodness of God that leads man to repentance. Like God, you begin to want their redemption too. What once seemed a tall order begins to become a life lived in love and worship to the Lord. As He has so freely given to you all things, you too desire to give more of yourselves to others even the despised, rejected and wounded.

Be encouraged, the journey is an exciting one and the destination is well worth it!

Loving large and continuing BIG! (Believing In God)